(by: Condrado de Quiros)

The article discussed and described the " rebellion” in the youths in older days when the author had knowledgeable it to be more exact the time when he was a part of it. This individual called this " youthful exuberance” which summarizes how youths had been deeply engaged in the contemporary society and wherever protests or rallies were a feat for them--- a necessity, also. Well, the ideas that had been new to myself were about the whole perception of " youthful exuberance”—the rebellion, the so called " revolutions; intended for I don't have physically found one or knowledgeable it personally. It was a refreshing subject for me, since I was a part of a generation which is even more engaged in press and technology and less inside the issues of the society. Fortunately, the article and also the author, him self, narrated a wonderful story about this and this gave me an idea of how existence was back then, especially with the youths. It was explained presently there how they resorted to protests or rallies in order to express their thoughts about what is happening in the world. It was essential, a heroic art; a way to survive from the oppression of these who are with power. Also, it became apparent to my opinion the difference between the youths these days and the ones the old days. The " now” are more to their " own” genre of rebellion contrary to from " then”, wherever it was similar to fire--- outrageous, intense and unstoppable. There was a lot of significant terms and content in the content and one among it says, " We must dream in a similar manner that you have to breathe. It is higher than a compelling want, it is an intuition for success. We fantasy or--- we die”. My spouse and i fell in love with this collection because it speaks for a lot of youth adults back then, whom are profoundly attached to the idea that there is still a the next day that is just around the corner for them—a tomorrow where there is freedom, peace and love. It really is all or nothing at all; if they do not dream, transformation...