Women's Suffrage and New york city History

 Women’s Suffrage and New york city History Essay



Seneca Falls Convention (Women's Suffrage)

1 . ) What events led up to the decision to have a ladies rights convention?

Boylan, Anne. " Women and Politics inside the Era ahead of Seneca Comes. " Journal of the Early on Republic 15 (1990): 363-382.

This log goes in detail to explain can certainly rights prior to the Seneca Falls Convention. Prior to Seneca Is catagorized, women's insufficient social position coupled with minimal political privileges left all of them searching for a way to move up inside the societal rates. Boylan points out this through writing about the era before Seneca Comes.

2 . ) Where performed Seneca Land leaders obtain their ideas for social/political reform?

Douglas, Carol. " National Ladies Studies Connection: Seneca Comes Revisited. " Off Our Backs 28 (1998): one particular, 6-11.

Douglas writes about how precisely Indian ladies were the inspirtation for a lot of white girls seeking equality. They jeered at the concept of being a male's property, and gave women the self confidence required to form a conference based on ladies rights.

a few. ) Who have went to the Seneca Declines conventions?

Women of Seneca Falls: The Birth of the Woman's Rights Activity by Miriam Gurko

(Review by: В Ellen Dwyer

Indiana Publication of History, Vol. 71, Number 3 (September 1975), pp. 282-283)

From this book, Gurko writes regarding who traveled to the conference. The demographics speak to the priorities of the convention. The involvement of men is also discussed, males such as Frederick Douglass and other abolitionists.

4. ) What had been the original desired goals of the Seneca Falls Meeting? How/When/Why performed they alter? Expectant By Seneca Falls


Ny History, Vol. 84, Number 1 (WINTER 2003), pp. 32-49

The Seneca Comes convention was initially based on social equality, equal pay, and females in the job market. Suffrage seemed like an not possible goal for some women. Other folks felt that it was the most pressing issue for women. In speaking about the desired goals of Seneca Falls, it is essential to discuss...