For what reason the American Democracy Can not work

 Why the American Democracy Does Not Work Dissertation

Nov 16, 2012

Why the American Democracy Does Not Work

Democracy in the usa does not work. The system has failed a lot of times and when problems do get addressed, they get resolved by using methods that break the Constitutional guidelines. Slavery almost out of cash the Union and if President Abraham Lincoln did not break the Metabolic rate, slavery may have destroyed the Union. Economic crises test the limits and powers with the government. Chief executive Franklin Delano Roosevelt expanded the Cosmetic with the Fresh Deal. The Supreme Court, not the House of Representatives choose George W. Rose bush for Leader over Approach Gore in the 2000 Election. The financial disaster in 08 showed an inability of the U. S. government to regulate Wall Street. 1 These kinds of cases illustrate the mistaken structures created by the Metabolic rate. Though some have attempted to change the program, the system faults lie inside the foundation of system: the Constitution. No matter what party holds the majority or the White colored House, the U. H. government cannot continue to function without systematic change. The American democracy needs to change its system to work in the 21st century and this can simply be done simply by restructuring the U. S i9000. government. I will argue this from a Jacobs-King/Lazare point of view, analyzing the failures of the structures from the U. S i9000. Federal government through history.

The Cosmetic justified captivity and nothing inside the Constitution could prohibit this, showing how the system's failing to protect community voices. In fact the Constitution did not let Congress to interfere with the slave operate until " the Year 1000 eight 100 and 8. ”2 Nothing stopped servant holders coming from owning detonations or trading slaves. Even while other countries abolished slavery, the U. S. could not because the Metabolism stopped these people. The Framers of the Cosmetic decided not to deal with slavery, making their system flawed from the beginning. " Slavery was the multiply by 4 whammy of yankee politics, problems that i visited once intractable, intolerable, growing worse with every passing year, and constitutionally insoluble as well. ”3 Abolitionists fought to finish slavery, nevertheless they had simply no constitutional basis to do so because the Constitution allowed slavery. The Constitution allowed slavery simply by promising to never interfere with the slave control until 1808 and by having no way of prohibiting it. When Dred and Harriet Scott, two slaves helped bring from servant state Missouri to slave-free territory and back to Missouri, sued for their freedom, these were denied. four Chief Proper rights Taney reigned over against Scott and it absolutely was constitutional. Lazare writes " the real issue with Dred Jeff was not that it was unreasonable, nevertheless that it showed a reasonable presentation of an silly, illiberal Metabolic rate. ”5 Dred Scot displays the flaws created by system. No-one can justify captivity on moral grounds, however the Supreme Court did not have to because the Metabolism did. Our elected representatives tried repeatedly to make short-cuts over captivity, but worries remained. " The legal branch had become so tangled up in the issue of territorial captivity that the most dominant leaders had been agreed that the judiciary was the only department capable of sorting points out. ”6 The legislative should have had the opportunity to write a law both allowing or prohibiting slavery. They could hardly because of difference between north and the southern area of leaders. The constitutional system could just solve a lot of questions above slavery ahead of tensions come to their disregarding point. By the time of the City War the U. S. government can barely hold itself with each other because the structure failed these people.

Sectional tensions between north and south divided the country plus the Constitution did not have a method to deal with the difficulties. Henry Clay could not produce any more compromises to solve the conflict among northerners and southerners. Derogation was not possibly about preserving...