"Tip of the Spear, Us Sea Light Armor in the Gulf of mexico War

 Tip with the Spear, All of us Marine Lumination Armor in the Gulf Battle Essay

Book Review by: Honest Lopez

" Tip with the Spear, ALL OF US Marine Mild Armor inside the Gulf War",

by Greg J. Michaels

Hardbound. 280 pages. 13 photographs. 7 maps. Records.

ISBN: 1-55750-599-3.

" Tip of the Spear" is Greg J. Michaels' experience like a Marine No Commissioned Officer` in a Mild Armored Automobile (LAV) firm in the 1991 Gulf battle. Not the fiction of a technology thriller, it is the initial book created on current day US wheeled armored cars in overcome, and the males who battled in them. It looks in the mission in the LAV units, the required training that is certainly difficult in peace plus the capable management of Not Commissioned Officers and Officials required for a unit to be natural and functional. These real experiences range from the effort to use effectively within a desert environment devoid of recognizable terrain features that are principles of map reading and land navigation. Early Global Positioning Satellite receivers (GPS) helped but there was not enough models and experienced users to produce a difference. Marketing and sales communications, even with the frequency hopping SINCGARS radios could and did not always work. Exposure to aircraft featuring ground support was just possible with the command cars and there was several situations of wrongly diagnosed identity simply by friendly aircraft that led to Marine casualties. An Recognition Friend or perhaps Foe (IFF) device would have also helped in preventing these incidents. Greg Michaels looks at his experience in Desert Storm as the manifestation of Honor, Valor and Dedication. Michaels understood that this was their purpose in Desert Storm; to free Kuwait. The book serves as an insight into the organization of the Lumination Armored Infantry Battalions (LAI) s in which the LAV-25 and its particular variants serve. The vehicle's combat experience will impact the future using the US military's largest number of wheeled armored vehicles. The Marines include used the LAV flexibly in its position of reconnaissance, mechanized soldires, or soldires support. The new...