The Shakers religion

 The Shakers religion Dissertation

" One afternoon I was at a neighbor's property when two young girls attired in Shaker halloween costumes appeared at the rear door. They said the Shakers usually lived relating to their job, were genuine and erect, but that they did not desire to live a celibate your life any longer. An unfamiliar sensation appeared to creep more than me, the other like a tone said, " Why pay attention to them? Go to the Shakers. See for yourself who and what they are. ” –Eldress Antoinette Doolittle, 1824. The Shakers were a spiritual group that fled for the American groupe in 1774 to escape persecution in England, and establish a Utopian society. The groups standard name was your " United Society of Believers in the Second Coming of Christ. ” Within their earlier years, they usually known themselves as " Believers, ” yet the religion included shakings from the body and motions in the head and arms which will lead to all of them first becoming called the " Shaking Quakers. ” This term was then shortened to " Shakers” over time. The Shakers fundamental beliefs happen to be close cut to the foundation Christianity, but there are a few unique characteristics inside the Shaker religious beliefs that astray them from many other religions.

The president of the Shakers was a girl named Ann Lee, who had been a blacksmith's daughter and also a mill hand in Manchester, Great britain. The Shakers were the rest of us who decided to give up their own families, property, and worldly jewelry in order " to know, by daily encounter, the peaceable nature of Christ's kingdom. ” In return to this commitment, they were welcomed into " holy families” where people lived together as brother and sister, where all property occured in common, and where every person participated in the rigorous daily task of transforming the earth into heaven.

Shakers were very strong in all all their beliefs, and essentially gave up everything to make this nirvana on earth. The Shakers refused the Trinity, instead believing in a Goodness made up of girl and men elements shown both in the...