The New Product Development Processes

 The New Application Processes Article

New Product Development Techniques -1ZZ32 Job 1 (19 February 2013)

Develop two novel ideas for newsmart‐phone applications (i. elizabeth. can be for I‐Phone, or Androidbaseddevicesoringeneralforallsmart‐phonetypes). Pleasetrytobecreative as much as possible when elaborating within this. Try to distinguish your new items (applications) through the existing applications on the IT‐telecom market. For each applicationpleaseanswer& discussthefollowingquestions.

a. Are these the best main individuals to develop these two new applications? Explain. ProvidemultiplereasonsthatarelinkedwithNPDPtheoryforyourmotivations. b. Just how would you sort out these two innovations with Tactical Portfolio Version (Figure several. 8, web page 72, Crawford and Dalam Benedetto) through the use of two proportions: (i) merchandise newness and (ii) market newness. In short , explain the rationale behind yourclassification. Provideyourreasonsforboth(i)and(ii)dimensions. c. Whatareyourgoalsandobjectiveswithregardto(1)profit(ii)growthand(iii) market status, of your new applications. Briefly consult with your causes and logical, consideringPIC(ProductInnovationCharter)requirementsinthebook (see: CrawfordandDiBenedetto). deb. Whatarethepotentialrisksandchallengesthatyoucouldfacewhiledeveloping and commercializing your products (applications)? Briefly go over consideringthetheoryonPICandProductPortfolioAnalysisinthebook. electronic. Please prepare/ give the concepts for these two new products. Quickly discuss your concept with consideration of form, technology and needs dimensions concerningyournewapplications.

Suggestion: It is important that you link your opinions to the theory that you have learned from yourcoursebook(CrawfordandDiBenedetto, 2011)chapters1, twenty three, 4and5.