The advantages and disadvantages of social networking

 The advantages and disadvantages of online community Essay

The benefits and disadvantage of social networking

Nowadays, social network is a element of everyday life and it brings revolutionary changes in communication among people. Social networking has a lot of benefits and disadvantages. A lot of advantages happen to be allow all of us to communicate with our family, close friends and family members, obtain the most current news and help us to accomplish our function easily. Nevertheless , some drawbacks are teenagers may become addicted to social networking and a lot of unreliable information about the networking. In this way, we need to be careful to work with social networking and to identify the goal of social networking that may be positives and negatives. First of all, one of advantages is social network allows us to get in touch with family, friends and family easily even though their position are not same. For example , we can use in person service to speak in different country by using social networking. We can discuss our thoughts, pictures and a lot of stuffs to people that we happen to be familiar. It may improve us and also understand in the other person what all their expression clearly. Next, we could also concern about their current situation directly. Secondly, social networking helps us to obtain the latest news. For example, when we begin to see the accident or perhaps special situation from outdoor, we can only capture the photo and post it on the social networking. So , we could obtain the most recent news straight. From the reports, we can take action to prevent injuries that have been pointed out in the information. That can as well reduce the percentage of mishaps or the percentage of crimes in Malaysia. That is very good news for the earth. Furthermore, social networking can help all of us to do our work conveniently, especially the college students and the staff. Students may discuss the works or perhaps projects straight with their group members. It can give different kinds of ideas or suggestions quickly. It can also lifestyle teamwork at the same time. Employees may use the...