The Municipal War: Mexico's Revenge?

 The City War: Mexico’s Revenge? Essay

The Civil Warfare: Mexico's Vengeance?

One of the most crucial parts of American history is a Civil Battle, this conflict is the check to see if a nation can survive and be united with the idea of liberty and rights for all. The winning of the Mexican Conflict introduces new territory to the United States leading to controversy about what should become free or slave declares. At the cost of the free of charge and slave states is a amount of electoral ballots within both party. The constitution in which our founders state " all guys are created equal” becomes more of an issue due to the amount of slavery The southern part of America is dependent upon.

The test with the Civil Conflict stems from the founders look at of freedom and justice for all. The Southern perspective of all was far unlike the Northern view. The Southern view of all was white male landowners. The Northern perspective of all included not only the white men, but experienced started to include the blacks and women as the Northern states moved to a more industrialized based region. Kennedy Hickman says:

While the Southern was devoted to an rustic plantation economic climate with a slow growth in population, the North experienced embraced industrialization, large cities, infrastructure progress, as well as was experiencing large birth prices and a huge influx of European foreign nationals. This increase in population doomed Southern efforts to keep up balance inside the government since it meant the future addition of more cost-free states as well as the election of a Northern, probably anti-slavery, chief executive.

(Hickman, E. " The Approaching Storm”)

Based in the constitution the fact that nations founders had set out, liberty and justice for all included most Americans. As a result this was important for the Mexican Battle and in turn the Civil Warfare.

Due to the Philippine War, Arizona becomes a servant state, therefore California becomes a free point out. The Philippine War also introduces more western place causing more controversy over slave or free states in all those areas....

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