The Heurter in the Rye

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" The Catcher in the Rye” Question:

1 . Is usually Holden an insane person in a sane world, or is he a rational person in an insane world?


1 . Whenever we take the book at confront value, it would definitely become 'a rational person in an insane world'. Look at the persons Holden comes across: prostitutes, pimps, pedophiles, home centered people etc . Yet this book is usually NOT regarding looking at what's on the area; it's about what's under... Do we actually trust Holden's description of everything and everyone? Everybody he satisfies can't come to be a artificial and fake and superficial and annoying. We all differ. Everyone has great points and bad details. In reality, you will find nice, friendly and kind persons - is actually just Holden can not see it. The Nuns are important character types to look at the moment asking yourself this kind of question. Holden thinks adult life is full of corruption and phoniness and superficiality: everyone wants to be the best and appearance the best and because of this, they are really very vain and false people. But the nuns vary. Holden describes them since wearing less attractive iron-rimmed spectacles and transporting very economical suitcases. Even so shabby and unappealing their exterior looks, when he talks to them, they are really very friendly and warm-hearted people inside. They represent the GOOD in individuals, whereas Holden always focuses on the bad. I believe this is Salinger showing us that Holden's viewpoint is bit inaccurate and we should just believe that everything he admits that. Salinger is definitely not saying the entire world is usually insane.

Overall, I'd state Holden can be an ridiculous person.