The Cambodian Genocide's Effect on the Ung Family

 The Cambodian Genocide’s Influence on the Ung Family Composition

п»їAndrew Li


AP World Record

12 Aug 2013

The Cambodian Genocide's effect on the Ung Family

In examining the reasons triggering the misfortune of the Ung family following the Cambodian Genocide in 75, one can imagine these reasons include monetary breakdown (continuity of the Angkar trading vegetation for firearms), government failure (changes inside the soldiers' patterns towards the villagers, continuity of Khmer Rouge killing villagers at Lo Reap), as well as the lack of social interactions (changes in connection within the small town of Lo Reap). The economic break down had a immense amount of impact on the Ung relatives because of the Angkar constantly swapping crops for firearms. Created into a photo perfect, midsection class friends and family, Loung hails from the serene city of Phnom Penh. Almost everything changes if the Khmer Rouge soldiers seep into Phnom Penh and pushes all the villagers to evacuate. Once the relatives travels around looking for homes and finally forms in for Lo Experience, they obtain almost no food because of the continuous threats the Angkar gets from the Vietnamese Youns. As the Youns give a cruel occurrence, the Angkar constantly trading all the vegetation at the function camp pertaining to firearms. When ever recalling just how famished they are really, Loung studies " We am 6 years old and in turn of celebrating with birthday cakes, I chew on a piece of charcoal” (Ung 84). All the family members are regularly getting unwell and starving to death. But when Keav gets extremely ill, there may be nothing any individual can carry out. The nurse tells her she'll bring her treatments. However , " Keav understands this is a lie. There is absolutely no medicine. You will find no real doctors or nurses, simply ordinary people purchased to pretend to be medical experts” (Ung 96). After she sooner or later demises, Loung and her family turn into mournful and weak. Our economy continues to remain this way right up until Loung and her a few siblings elope to Vietnam together. Loung compares it to home since she thinks to their self " We only would like someday Phnom Penh will probably be as happy and abundant as Saigon”...

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