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Starbucks: Study on Rebranding, Extensions and Positioning| Final Report

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Table of Contents

Professional Summary3

1 . 1 The Starbucks Corporation5


1 . 2 Starbucks: Evolution with the Brand7

1 . 3 The Starbucks Encounter as the Brand10

1 . 4 Company Extensions12

Starbucks Duetto Visa Card12

Starbucks Liqueur13

Starbucks Brewing Machines, Mugs & Tumblers13

Starbucks Bearista Contains and Toys14

Starbucks T-Shirts14

Starbucks Ice Cream, Frappuccino & Whole Veggie Coffees15

1 ) 5 Rebranding by Starbucks15

The new Starbucks logo16

The chunky caffeine mugs were replaced by the new less heavy cups17

Was your rebranding exercise a success or possibly a failure? 18

1 . 6th Strategy to Type in India19

Importance Rankings of Key Qualities in Creating Customer Satisfaction21

Indian Espresso Market22

Competitive Landscape in Branded Coffee22

Starbucks Positioning23

The Product to supply in India23

Strategic tie-ups and Location strategy24

1 . 7Road Ahead24

Exec Summary

Starbucks Organization is a worldwide coffee and coffeehouse string based in Detroit, Washington. Starbucks is the most significant coffeehouse business in the world. Starbucks sells drop brewed espresso, espresso-based warm drinks, other hot and cold beverages, coffee beans, green salads, hot and cold sandwiches and panini, pastries, snack foods, and things such as mugs and tumblers. The initial Starbucks area outside North America opened in Tokyo, Japan, in mil novecentos e noventa e seis. Starbucks entered the U. K. market in 1998 with the $83 million purchase of the after that 60-outlet, UK-based Seattle Espresso Company, re-branding all the shops as Starbucks. In 04 2003, Starbucks completed the purchase of Seattle's Best Caffeine and Torrefazione Italia by AFC Corporations, bringing the total number of Starbucks-operated locations around the world to more than 6, 400. On Sept 14, 06\, rival Diedrich Coffee declared that it would offer most of its company-owned stores to Starbucks. The Starbucks experience could be evaluated about three fronts viz the shareholders experience, the customers knowledge and the employee experience. For the shareholders front, a simple investment in Starbucks' share in 1992, when it was first offered might have seen a greater of many times over presently. Starbucks initially started like a " Espresso experience” shop, seeking to accept the Italian caffeine drinking encounter to the UNITED STATES. They started selling coffee and producing machines. Since time advanced, Starbucks outlets started advertising many other items besides merely coffee. A few of these products had been sold within the Starbucks brand, which the organization was planning to make an umbrella brand. From this section we bring to light these Manufacturer extensions. The customers experience may be defined about the 3 P's:

1 .     People- the baristas and their connection with customers 2 .     Place -- the physical stores, their particular design and aroma several.     Product – the beverages, food, and merchandise

We suggest that Starbucks ought to adopt reduced positioning in India. It should price the coffee offered 10 to 15% bigger prices than Costa Caffeine, Gloria Jeans, CBTL. It may have tie up ups with premium resort chains, international airports, airlines, and many others to offer the espresso to consumers

1 . one particular The Starbucks Corporation

Starbucks Corporation is definitely an international espresso and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Buenos aires. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with seventeen, 009 shops in fifty five countries, including over eleven, 000 in the usa, over one particular, 000 canada, over seven-hundred in the United Kingdom, and also 150 in Turkey. Starbucks sells get brewed coffee, espresso-based popular drinks, various other hot and cold drinks, coffee beans, salads, hot and cold casse-cro?te and panini, pastries, snack foods, and things such as plastic mugs today and tumblers. From Starbucks'...