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 St Lucia Essay


A great island of paradise is everyone's desire vacation. Heureux Lucia is in the top of each and every honeymooner's vacation spot dream. Saint Lucia is a beautiful warm island within the eastern Carribbean Sea within the boundary together with the Atlantic Sea. Saint Lucia is full of restaurants fit for each and every type of person. There are resorts galore for just about any budget and any explanation to travel. There exists never a dull minute on the island with attractions and virtually every extravagance catering to families as well as the typical honeymooning couple. Even though Saint Lucia caters to several types of travelers, also, it is home to over 162, a hundred and seventy-eight people,

Background Demographics

Saint Lucia has an amazing record given to take a look at the start of the 17th 100 years. The island was contested among England and France through the 17th and incredibly early 18th centuries. Between these times, St Lucia experienced changed control fourteen several times. Ultimately in 1814 the British had finally taken control of the island. In the year 1834, slavery was finally abolished allowing for the island to be in its' agricultural glory which developed tropical asset crops. In 1967, St Lucia was granted self-government and received its self-reliance in the year lates 1970s. Saint Lucia is located between the Caribbean Ocean and the North Atlantic Water which is just north of Trinidad and Tobago. The island is approximately 616 rectangular kilometers with 606 staying land and 10 getting water. Its' actual coastline is 158 kilometers. Climate can be totally gorgeous according to when you decide to travel to Saint Lucia. With its' tropical local climate, Saint Lucia has a dry season ranging from December you - May well 31 and a wet season commencing June 1 – Nov 30. St Lucia includes a population of 162, 178 people as of July 2012. Median grow older is at a total of about 31. 6 years with guys being at 40. 6 years and female being the greatest at 23. 6 years.

Travel and leisure, Announcements and Important Information

Currently there are simply no travel safety measures or public announcements intended for Saint Lucia at this time nevertheless; Americans traveling should on a regular basis monitor the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs' web page where they can find current travel safety measures and public announcements. The Department of State tendencies American citizens to get responsible using their own personal safety and security while traveling in Saint Lucia. Since there is no location on Saint Lucia for the U. S. Embassy or Consulate, Americans must keep their given on them at all times which they are required to have in order to enter and exit the region. Americans which can be living in or perhaps traveling to Saint Lucia are encouraged to sign up with the U. S i9000. Embassy or Consulate for their Smart Tourist Enrollment System or STEP. This program allows Americans to achieve updated information concerning travel and security. Playing also makes it better to be called in case of an urgent situation. The U. S. Charge is actually located in Barbados for all of the Caribbean islands. Vehicles travel and leisure on the left side in the road in Saint Lucia. All the roads are well provided but poorly marked, narrow and winding with sharp inclines/declines throughout the entire area.

Dining Establishments and Service

There are many restaurants in Saint Lucia ranging from your typical family eatery into a fine dining experience a single will never forget. Martha's Furniture is a popular cafe that offers home cooked regional cuisine, sea food, meat and vegetarian meals. The cafe offers software program as; group functions, head to lunches and private functions. La Toc Restaurant is a Parisian-inspired fine cusine restaurant suit for anyone who merely wants high-class. The dress code within this restaurant is resort evening clothing. Three amazing services the La Toc offers is definitely white glove service, reservations and escorting patrons along with having chairs for females. La Terrasse is a niche fine eating restaurant that is famous for its' duck, foie-gras and French-inspired cuisines....

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