Comparisons and Contrast between Alcohol and Marijuana

 Comparisons and Contrast among Alcohol and Marijuana Article


Reviews and Comparison between Alcohol and Marijuana

The Effects within the Brain

Michael Smith, Jr.

Morehouse University, Department of Psychology

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This paper was prepared for Psychology 102G, section 01, taught by Professor Frank Markham.

Marijuana is a plant that can be expanded all over the world. Many people use the common term marijuana rather than Cannabis. Furthermore, in today's contemporary society, marijuana can be defined as a politics movement, legal issue, culture crop, medical drug, or perhaps as a leisure intoxication. Much more simple conditions, marijuana can be described as bunch of leaves. Many might think that a lot of leaves cannot be harmful. However , weed contains a chemical referred to as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol commonly known as THC. (Goldberg, n. deb. ) This kind of ingredient is an essential psychoactive (i. e. mind altering) item. Alcohol, nevertheless , is not only a bunch of leaves. Alcohol has become used for centuries in social, medical, social and religious settings. In America, most individuals believe adults consume alcohol responsibly compared to children. Alcohol is definitely classified as being a depressant. It is classified like a depressant as it causes sleep and sleepiness. Alcohol that is certainly in alcohol based drinks is called ethanol. (Parsons, 1996) Ethanol is definitely molecule with a 2-carbon central source with 5-attached hydrogen. (Parsons, 1996) Combined with the carbons and hydrogen additionally there is a hydroxyl group at a single end. In contrast to alcohol, weed is certainly not frequently used among teens. Figures indicate that 6. five per cent of 9th graders, 17% of tenth graders, and 22. 9% of 12 graders had used weed in a one-month period. (US Government Stats, 2013) Yet , according to US govt statistics about adult marijuana users, 51. 3% of 18-25 yr old use marijuana. 49. 8% of people inside the age of 26-34 use cannabis. However , relating to ALL OF US statistics, 78% of people of teens had drank alcohol before and two away of three adults drink alcohol. (Chudler, 1996) This paper will compare alcohol and marijuana as well as the ways that affects the mind. It will concentrate on the brief and lengthy terms effects on the head showing areas of which the brain is damaged, conditions this causes, and abilities and disabilities caused by the drug. When alcohol consumption, it changes levels of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters will be messengers that transmit the signals/ text messages throughout the body system that control thought process, habit, and emotions. Although there are many types of neurotransmitters, two classes of which are called excitatory and inhibitory. Excitatory neurotransmitters have results that raise the likelihood of a neuron shooting at action potential; yet , inhibitory neurotransmitters decrease the probability of a neuron firing by action potential. One significant inhibitory brain chemical is Gamma-aminobutyric acid, GABA. Alcohol inhibits neurotransmitter GABA that is responsible for movement and speech. (Jacobson, 1986) When alcohol prevents this neurotransmitter, it results in sluggish motion and slurred speech. Yet , alcohol inhibits the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate. (Parson, 1996) It boosts the chemical dopamine, which results in the sensation of pleasure once taking refreshments. (Parson, 1996) Many areas of the brain are affected when ever consuming alcohol. As an individual's blood alcohol content, BAC, increases, more parts of the mind are afflicted. (Parson, 1996) BAC alludes to the volume of alcohol contained in a person's blood. Normally, BAC is definitely measured as being a weight every unit that may be converted to a percentage such as 10% or. 08%. For example , 10% represents that one-tenth of the percent of the person's bloodstream is liquor. (Highway Security Research Middle, n. d. ) For example , at a lesser level BAC, only the cerebral cortex is definitely affected. Once this area is definitely affected, the alcohol depresses the behavior and slows down the processing...

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