Robin the boy wonder Hood Project

 Robin Bonnet Project Essay

Avans Hogeschool


Robin Bonnet Report

Tactical Business Decisions SBD

SBD Team 13

Fanny Moreau

Mandy Ramaekers

Julia Burkhardt

Gabor Pap

Zsolt Braun

Reiner Stieger

Cher Werner

Zhen Yang


1 . Managing Summary

2 . Marketing Synopsis

three or more. Finance Overview


1 . Administration Part

a. Mission Statement

b. Eyesight Statement

c. Approach

deb. Corporate approach

at the. Size of the Entire Robin Cover Association

farrenheit. Organizational Composition

g. Monitoring the process

h. Implementation and communication with the change

installment payments on your Marketing Portion

i. SWOT analysis on present Robin Hood

l. Portfolio Studies of current Robin Cover

k. BCG Matrix

l. Strategies for legal division and illegal split

m. Net marketing contribution ( NMC ) for ‘Jesus Loves You' split

3. Financial Portion

n. Balance sheet

o. Profits statement

l. NOPLAT affirmation


r. Capital structure, Equity vs Debts

s. Net Networking Seed money

t. Net Fixed Capital

-> affirmation of spent capital


Management Summary Robin Hood

This kind of report talks about the company change with the Robin Engine Corporation, facing the following difficulties. First of all, we have a lack of control of the recruiting process inside the organization, since the organization started to be overstaffed, which in turn led to housing problems and depleting meals capacity. Due to the increasing size it is much easier to be detected by the sheriff. Moreover, revenues are decreasing because travelers avoid approaching through the forest. Based on the difficulties stated above, Robin Hood's organization will be divided into two different parts. A single part can form the best entity in cooperation with the Church. On contrary, the other part will continue to remain in the previous business activity in which robbery is definitely the core business. Those two different enterprises are officially not related and the regards between Robin Hood as well as the new legal " Christ loves You” entity will be unknown for the public. Robin Hood association will have a number of divisions spread throughout the property owned by the sheriff in various locations. The various camps helps keep on shifting and they will continue its primary business (stealing the rich). One division of Jesus enjoys You will stay at the same place in the forest in order to develop the ay water. This will likely employ everyone and be offered through the house of worship. This is a soft strategy to develop a sustainable overall economy and at the finish gain power in order to the fatigue sheriff. This holy water, as we are in a monopoly, we can decided to whom we could selling, once and the selling price. When we gained enough electric power we can decided to stop supplying the sheriff's army and secure to restrict all the options to acquire other sources of water and use the anger of the military to take the strength of the sheriff. The aim of our company is to produce lasting holy drinking water in order to increase the revenue intended for giving it returning to the poor people by a top secret channel (Tax trick association). This will as well help them to cover a part of their very own revenue which will cannot be diagnosed by the sheriff. The holy water will be sold through churches consist of regions to be able to sell it by using an international basis. The alter needs to be applied and communicated throughout the complete organization composed of 400 people. At the beginning, selection interviews will be carry through the group to see the determination and as a communication approach the three-step-model has been chosen.

Marketing Summary Robin the boy wonder Hood

Protective strategy for the Robin Hood Association

The competitive advantage of Robin Cover Association is usually relative substantial, this is because of the fact there may be only one obstacle (Sheriff of Nottingham). However the market attractiveness is suffering, because of the new market expansion. The best answer is to conform a protective strategy. The...