Cockroach: Criminal Rights and Traditional Crime Approaches

 Essay on Roach: Felony Justice and Traditional Offense Strategies

Kent Roach " created a third version as a assumptive based to get victims' privileges. He reported it since the victims' rights style and needed more regulations and prosecutions, a greater role for the victim inside the trial and more services and support pertaining to victims” (2008, p. 113). In his version, he recognizes the difference between punitive victims' rights model and the nonpunitive victims' privileges model. Cockroach describes which the " punitive approach jointly resembling the crime control model because it focuses on the enactment of criminal legislation, prosecution and punishment since ways to control crime” (2008, p. 113). While the nonpunitive model of victims' rights in accordance to Roach " appears away from the dependence on lawbreaker sanction and punishment and toward the prevention of crime as well as the restorative justice” (2008, g. 114). Both equally approaches give a role to get the sufferer in the felony justice method. For example , the punitive procedure will require the victim to be involved by sentencing and parole hearings as this will tend to bring about greater treatment. While the non-punitive approach depends on the requires of the patients and " seeks to reduce the pain of equally victimization and punishment” (2008, p. 114). Roach also goes on to say that the nonpunitive approach " would seek to shift major of importance away from traditional criminal offenses strategies” (2008, p. 114) and for the victim, the offender, family members and supporters. Therefore , I think that the non-punitive approach will certainly facilitate the victim's part in the felony justice process. As Personen and Schmalleger (2008) declares that the patients in the non-punitive approach will play a tremendous role in determining how the offender needs to be dealt with. I would personally think that the victim would testify with the hearing and depending on the proof and what is said; the punishment will probably be granted based on the information given by the victim. Even though the direct victim plays a part in determining the punishment based on the...