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 Real Money Trading Essay

Real Money Trading in MMORPG items via a Legal

and Policy Perspective

- Dec. 13, 2004 Ung-gi Yoon1

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MMORPGs (Massively-Multiplayer Online Part Playing Games; probably the most prominent game titles are Lineage I, II2, Mabinogi, Regarding Warcaft (WoW)) have lately become an object of sociable and legal controversies of any previously unheard-of type. The phenomenon of trading ingame MMORPG products for real money has increased thorny problems on the possession status of those virtual things. This sensation has scarcely escaped those of To the south Korea, a frontrunner inside the development of free games of this genre3 as well as their particular chief ceder.


At present a evaluate in the Busan District Courtroom, I was also a part of Gamestudy. org. MMORPG heroes created and played by me include a Mabinogi figure named " Ammajeongkal” with the Harp Machine and a global of Warcraft character named " Trollvalor” at the Baelgoon server. E-mail:

I attained a MUM in legal philosophy.

I would like to acknowledge a number of MMORPG programmers, critics, press and legal scholars in whose advice, way and support have been a key component in completing this article. Now i am indebted to Soon-seong Kwon (a game producer for Nexon), Kang-yeol Kim (former vice president of ItemBay, a MMORPG game item auction site), Dong-geon Kim (Project Manager by Nexon heading its Mabinogi Development Team), Yong-seok Kim (Professor of philosophy in Youngsan University), Sang-beom Kim (board member of Nexon), Seong-woo Kim (Researcher at Samsung Electronics, specializing in HCI and ubiquitous networking), Jeong-joo Betty (founder and CCO of Nexon), Joo-yong Kim (game producer by Nexon), Ji-yeon Kim (website operator of sites Self-regulated Community forum (R3NET)), Taek-jin Kim (CEO of NcSoft), Jeong-gyeom Betty (computer programmer, MMORPG player (user ID: Aragon)), Hyung-jin Kim (head of the creation team to get Lineage II), Sang-woo Park (game essenti, adjunct professor of multimedia arts and communication by Yonsei University), Kang-jin Paek (judge), Jae-gyeong Song (former board person in NcSoft, developer of Lineage), Hyeon Jeon (President of Online Client Association), Hae-sang Jeong (Professor of law at Uiduk University), Sang-min Hwang (Professor of psychology at Yonsei University) and Jun-sok Huhh (video video game critic, Seoul National University lecturer in economics). My spouse and i also wants to express my gratitude to former and current reporters of Playforum and dirty3 and other discussion board members, and acknowledge contributors to MMO blog Terra Nova, including Richard Bartle, Edward Castronova, Julian Dibbell, Dan Seeker, Gregory Lastowka, Cory Ondrejka, Ren Reynolds and Capital t. L. Taylor swift whose understanding has been an inspiration in this paper. Finally, i would like to extend a special thank you to Judge Jae-hyeok Jeon, a valued good friend and colleague and the dad of a friend of my personal son, from whom i received generous help with enhancing and recommendations, my father for buying me an Apple2, my personal very first computer system, when I would still be a kid, and Lord English who initiated me to the world of RPG.

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According to an August 4, 2004 article inside the Digital Instances, NcSoft's Lineage II, then one year in to service, figures 3 mil subscribers with up to a hundred and twenty-five, 000 players logged on simultaneously. Nexon's visual MMORPG The dominion of the Wind gusts was rolled out in April of 1996 (image omitted).


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Discussions in RMT (real money trading) in MMO items in South Korea, however , have got thus far did not give rise to an impartial, in-depth understanding of the matter. This is partially due to the fact that many MMORPG players have customarily been teens and youngsters in their early to the middle of twenties, which MMORPGs had been stigmatized as hotbeds of cybercrime. 5 The overriding concern with respect to RMT, therefore , have been its instant social effects, 5 inciting Koreans to hurriedly consider stance around the phenomenon, just before...