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 Project Supervision Models Essay

Task 4: -- Project Administration Aims

This kind of assignment allows the student to use project managing models. This assignment permits the student to understand how well-known project management techniques happen to be applied and implemented.


A project describes a combination of related activities that must be executed within a certain order before an entire task can be completed. Project management has evolved as a field of research, with the development of two conditional techniques for preparing, scheduling, and controlling projects. These techniques are the project evaluation and review technique (PERT) plus the critical way method (CPM). The purpose of this exercise is to get the student to appreciate project organizing issues and the application of PERT\CPM techniques. Make sure you answer the next questions.

Exercise 4

1 . Hamilton Nation Parks can be planning to produce a new park and leisure area on the recently acquired 100-acre tract. Project expansion activities include cleaning playground and have a picnic areas, making road, creating a shelter residence, purchasing eat outside equipment, and so on. The PERT/CPM network proven below is being used in the look, scheduling, and controlling with this project. M 2


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six 7 three or more Activity time in weeks


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your five 3

Network 1-1: Network diagram pertaining to the Stalinsky County Leisure areas Project. a. b. c. d. In short , define and describe the function of dummy activities. What is the critical route for this network (Network 1-1)? Show the activity schedule just for this project. The park commissioner would like to wide open the park to the open public within 6 months from the period the work within the project can be started. Does this opening date appear possible? Explain.


March 08

Assignment 4

2 . Business office Automation, Inc., has developed a proposal intended for introducing a brand new computerised office system that may improve word processing and inter-office marketing communications for a particular company. Contained in the proposal is a list of activities that needs to be accomplished to finish the new workplace system job. Information about the activities is shown below. Immediate Time (weeks) Cost ($000's) Activity Information predecessor Regular Crash Typical Crash Strategy needs A 10 8 35 70 Buy equipment B A almost 8 6 a hundred and twenty 150 Install equipment W 10 six 100 160 C Setup training laboratory D A 7 six 40 50 Conduct schooling D 10 8 50 75 Elizabeth Test program F C, E three or more 3 60 60 Stand 2-1: Job Information to get the Office Automation Inc Proposal a. Demonstrate network intended for the task. b. Develop an activity plan for the project. c. What are the critical path activities, and what is the expected task completion time? d. Assume that the company wants to full the task in 6 months or twenty six weeks. What crashing decisions would be advised to meet the required completion period at the least conceivable cost? Work through the network, and make an effort to make the a crash decisions by inspection. elizabeth. Develop a hobby schedule intended for the crashed project. farreneheit. What is additional project cost to meet the 6-month completion time? three or more. Northwest School is putting in a computerised electronic mail program that will enable messages being transmitted immediately among eight department office buildings. The network with conceivable electronic links among the offices is proven below. Miles between the offices are proven in kms (km). a) Develop a style for the office communication system that minimises the total length of the connections among the list of eight office buildings. 3 2 2 . five 0. five 1 . 5 1 three or more 1 three or more 4 1 . 2 five 1 some 4 six 1 six 2

Network 3-1: Northwest University: Ranges between sites

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March 2008

Task 4

4. 4-1).

Portion of the Northwest Road network system can be seen listed below (Network

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Automobile flow capability: 5000 vehicles per hour 5 6

Network 4-1: Southwest Highways Traffic Network. a) b) Identify the maximal flow in...