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House from the Philippines


Great the Philippines

Through the centuries…

• 750, 000-500, 1000 years ago: Flake tools

750, 000found in Solana, Cagayan

• 40, 000-10, 000 BC: Reducing tools seen in

50, 000the Tabon Souterrain in Quezon, Palawan

• 24, 000-22, 000 BC: Fossil is still of

twenty four, 000" Tabon Man” in Tabon Souterrain

• 6th to tenth century: Complex society is present

in Negros Oriental.

• AD nine hundred: Chinese porcelain and stoneware

found in Masbate.

• AD 990: Solid wood boat found in Butuan


• tenth to twelfth century: Material works of iron,

bronze, lead and gold.

• 13th 100 years: Muslim settlement in Sulu

• fourteenth century: Artifacts from China,

Vietnam and Asia found in Palawan


• 15th 100 years: Muslim Malays from Sumatra

in Sulu led simply by Rajah Baguinda

Magellan's Trip

• September 10, 1519 – Leaves Spain with 235

guys and 5 ships.

• March 16, 1521 – Arrives in Samar with

three ships.

• March 28 – Goes to Limasawa island,

ruled by Rajah Kolambu and Rajah Siagu.

Makes bloodstream pact with Kolambu.

• March thirty-one: Catholic Mass celebrated in

Easter Saturday, islands stated for the

King of Spain.

• April 7: Goes to Cebu, makes bloodstream pact

with Rajah Humabon.

• April 26: Zula, chief from Mactan, comes

seeking support against chief Lapu-Lapu.


• The spring 27: Goes to Mactan with soldiers and

native allies to battle Lapu-Lapu. He could be


• May 1: Rajah Humabon attacks the

Spanish and forces them to leave.

• September 8, 1522: 19 members from the

expedition come back to Spain using one ship.

Lapu Lapu

More expeditions…

• Three expeditions in 1525, 1528 and 1543

area in Mindanao but do not settle.

• On the third expedition, Ruy Lopez sobre

Villalobos, labels the islands " Felipinas”

intended for Prince Philip, later Full of The country of spain.

Legazpi relates to stay

• February 13, 1565: Miguel Lopez sobre

Legazpi and Fray Andres de Urdaneta lead

4 ships and 350 males to Samar.

• May possibly 8: Break ground for a fort in Cebu.

• June 4: Cebuanos recognize Spanish in

return pertaining to protection and trade.

Filipino Natives

Manila becomes capital

• May possibly 19, 1571: Legazpi attacks Maynilad

and defeats Rajah Soliman.

• June 3: Name is usually changed to Manila and

Legazpi becomes chief of the servants of the


• November 19, 1595: Manila becomes the

capital of the Filipino Islands.

Spanish Map

Under British guideline

• Sept 22, 1762: British navy attack


• Oct 1: Uk take over Manila.

• Feb 10, 1763: The Treaty of Paris, france

returns the Philippines to Spain.

Spanish Impact

• Christian except for Mindanao. Philippine

Independent Church (Aglipayan) and

Iglesia Ni Cristo founded by Filipinos.

• Filipinos forced to take Spanish surnames.

• Used Filipinos to place down revolts.

• Would not teach Spanish to complete population.

• Galleon transact between Manila and Acapulco

Spanish Time

Philippine Innovation

• The Illustrados, Filipinos at Western european

universities form the Propaganda

Motion and submit the paper La

Apoyo (1889 to 1895) to publicize the

conditions inside the Philippines.

• 3 Philippine priests advocating reform were

executed in 1872 after false claims

(Gomez, Burgos, Zamora – Gomburza).

• June 26, 1892 - Jose Rizal returns for the

Philippines and organized La Liga Filipina,

a society looking for reforms.

• July six - Andres Bonifacio helps found the

Katipunan (KKK), a top secret society seeking

liberation via Spain.

• August 19, 1896 - Katipunan is definitely exposed to

Spanish authorities who begin busts.

• Aug 24 – Meeting in Pugadlawin, the

Katipunan choosess armed have difficulty.

• August 30 – Eight pays placed under

martial law (Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite,

Laguna, Manila, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga,


• The fall of 3 – Jose Rizal arrested. He's

executed in December 35.

Rizal Monument in Luneta Park

• March twenty-one, 1897 – Emilio Propina named

Leader of innovative government...