Napoleon: Terrorism and People

 Napoleon: Terrorism and People Research Paper

Scarlett Elms

Mrs. Rocco

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Napoleon and Their particular

In our world today, many people wish to be safe and secure. This really is understandable, being there have been many terrorist problems, shootings, bombings, and much more. Yet is safety and security a good reason to sacrifice freedom? Napoleons world seemed to be dealing with the same query – reliability or independence? They presumed that given that they were safe, they wouldn't mind what the government did. It seems to be that same way in America today. As long as the government keeps us safe, we all don't brain what they do. Yet is that genuinely freedom? Or are we stating we are happy to give up the freedom to get safety? I'm not sure, and neither was Napoleons contemporary society.

The French people in the eighteen hundreds were sick and tired of wars, fights, bloodshed, and unorganized governments. They desired someone who would take over completely and keep them safe. Napoleon promised to do so, keeping the people satisfied. By doing this, they had to sacrifice a large number of freedoms. One example of these would be freedom of speech. Napoleon wouldn't permit the press to state anything poor about him or perhaps express a viewpoint that he did not agree with (Smitha). This was the same way for his adversaries. He did not want the individuals of Portugal to hear whatever negative about him, which as well meant nothing negative can be allowed to end up being said. Napoleon also drew up many military before they turned 18. So small guys, when justin was seventeen, 16, or even 15, were selected to go out and fight for all their country (Vigil). They had zero say inside the matter. In the event they were picked, they had to travel. This held France safe, but moms and family members worried. Many of these freedoms were given up for their particular security and safety.

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In our society today, many of the same issues have started to happen. Especially after the event on Sept 11, the moment many everyone was killed following terrorists travelled airplanes in...

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