Advertising Method for Anti Dermititis Shampoo

 Advertising Strategy for Anti Dermititis Shampoo Dissertation


The entire market value with the anti-dandruff industry in 2010 reaches 3079. 69 million baht, which makes up 31. 95% of the total shampoo industry. This anti-dandruff market offers experienced regular growth over the last few years, lately 2009 to 2010 the marketplace grew by 3. 60 per cent. Clinic Clear and Brain & Shoulder blades are the two main players in the anti-dandruff shampoo market having market share of seventeen. 7% and 8. 8% respectively (as of Might 2011).

Brain & Shoulders is the #1 anti-dandruff hair shampoo in the world regarding sales. In Thailand, Mind & Shoulders came into the anti-dandruff marketplace after Clear and currently Clear includes a little over twice the marketplace share than Head & Shoulders. Both equally players possess highly overlapping target sectors but Crystal clear differentiate by positioning by itself as a great anti-dandruff and beauty hair shampoo while Mind & Shoulder blades is solely an expert in anti-dandruff treatment. Just just lately, Clear launched a new product type of Clear males Shampoo targeted specifically in the growing marketplace of metrosexual men.


Head & Shoulders is usually perceived as a ‘medicine/drug' shampoo or conditioner, this lead for its serious positioning since an expert in anti-dandruff treatment with no association to natural beauty. Consumers presumed that applying Head & Shoulders can treat anti-dandruff but will not nourish or give the locks the beauty that this would acquire from other beauty shampoos or else. Clear on the other hand was able to appeal to consumers who were concerned about splendor with their combined beauty and anti-dandruff setting. Clear attained this generally in their Males product line through the use of famous celebrities these are easily familiar by Thais in their ads such as Bautizado Ronaldo (famous Manchester United football player) and Rain (famous Korean language Pop singer). Head & Shoulders got less to no affecting celebrities inside their commercials and in Thai world, celebrities is surely an important interaction channel in the 20 – 40 year old segment. In addition , the consumers themselves possess a negative frame of mind toward anti-dandruff shampoo consumption, an astonishing 40% of people with dandruffs will not use anti-dandruff shampoos. Mind & Shoulders' series of advertising has been constantly delivering the same repetitive communication to the individuals who they are " the best in anti-dandruff treatment”, something that is not necessary to find out consumers any longer because coming from market research, Mind & Shoulder blades is almost identifiable with anti-dandruff treatment. Instead Head & Shoulders should certainly deliver fresh information just like their strength as a world manufacturer and no side effects associated with anti-dandruff shampoos.


" To develop Head & Shoulders' market share

inside the anti-dandruff shampoo or conditioner market by 5% in 3 years. ”


In meeting each of our objectives we selective chose to focus all our efforts upon capturing a particular target market. It is important that we concentrate on a slim group since with just 3 years to accomplish our goal and presuming a fixed advertising budget, we want to get in a particular group rather than be a follower. The target portion we decided to go with is unisex Thais with ages among 15 to 25 years, midsection to upper class (Thailand We – 2), good education level, and offers concerns about appearances. This kind of segment has not been the main target group intended for Clear and convincing fresh teens to use Head & Shoulders for a young age will advantage us in the long run as they will be less likely to switch brands when they get older. Additionally , from latest statistics 3. 20% in the total work force Thailand is in the 15-24 age range making it a considerably huge market with estimated potential market value at 1000 , 000, 000 baht. All of us chose to concentrate on unisex with a single product since it will appeal to the fresh teens that prefer to devoid of to deal with the trouble of choosing between many items off the racks and also to regular folks who...