Macy's Financial Research

 Macy’s Economical Analysis Essay

Macy's Inc.

Financial Year End: January up to 29, 2011

Day of Report: April twenty fifth, 2011.

By - Monika Gupta

The twelve-monthly report and 10-K filings were extracted from macys. com. The economical statements as part of the annual statement are the following: consolidated transactions of businesses, consolidated balance sheets, consolidated statements of changes in shareholders' equity, consolidated statement of cash flows, and notes to consolidated economical statements. In the report, Macy's Inc. identifies several rivals which are Foundation Bath & Beyond, Belk, Bon Bunch, Burlington Coat Factory, Dillard's, Gap, M. C. Penney, Kohl's, Limited, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, Pep boys, Target, USTVARI Maxx and Wal-Mart. The most notable three competitors according to ‘finance. google. com' are Dillard's Incorporation, Saks Incorporation, and T. C. Penney Corporation, Incorporation. The report states that the company's independent registered public accounting firm is KPMG LLP. In KPMG LLP's opinion, " the consolidated financial statements referred to Macy's Inc., present fairly, in most material values, the budget of Macy's, Inc. and subsidiaries as of January 29, 2011 and January 30, 2010, and the results of its businesses and its money flows for each and every of the years in the three-year period finished January up to 29, 2011, in conformity with U. T. generally approved accounting principles”. Also within their opinion, " Macy's, Incorporation. maintained, in all material areas, effective inner control over financial reporting since January 29, 2011, based on criteria founded in Interior Control – Integrated Framework issued by Committee of Sponsoring Businesses of the Follow way Percentage. ” Economical Accounting Evaluation

The products on hand method utilized by Macy's Incorporation. is the previous in, first out (LIFO) inventory approach. The depreciation method applied is straight-line depreciation. The estimated useful life pertaining to buildings and building equipment ranges from fifteen to fifty years and this ranges coming from three to fifteen years for accessories and equipment. The approved shares with the company include 125, 1000, 000 stocks of preferred stock ( none of those were issued) and a thousand, 000, 500 shares of common stock, both of which can be issued for a par value of $0. 01. The amount of common inventory issued happen to be 495, 000, 000 plus the number of excellent common share are 423, 300, 1000. There are 71, 697, two hundred shares of treasury stock that are organised by Macy's. The company do pay dividends currently. The payouts were released at $0. 20 per common share for the year. The price per share about January 30th, 2011 was $22. 99, and the value per talk about on 04 25th, 2011 was: $23. 95. The amount generated by simply operating actions for the 2010 fiscal year was $1, 506, 000, 1000. The cash produced by investment activities was obviously a loss of $465, 000, 1000. The cash generated by auto financing activity was $1, 464, 000, 000.

Earnings and Solvency Ratios for FY 2010.

Earnings Ratios| Equation| Value| | Solvency Ratios| Equation| Value| Gross Revenue Margin| Low Profit/Net Sales| 40. 71%| | Debts to Possessions ratio| Total Debt/Total Possessions | zero. 359895303| Operating Profit Margin| Earnings before interest and taxes/Net sales| 7. 58%| | Personal debt to Equity ratio | Total Debt/Total Equity| 1 ) 342676311| Net Profit margin| Net income/Net sales| a few. 39%| | Liabilities to equity ratio| Total Liabilities/Stockholders' equity| installment payments on your 73074141| Cash Flow Margin| Cash flow from operating cash flows/Net sales| 6th. 02%| | Indebtedness Rate | Total Debt / Total Liabilities| 0. 491689292| Return on Assets| Net income/Total Assets| 4. 12%| | Current liabilities to Inventory Ratio| Current Liabilities/Available Inventory| 1 . 064522909| Returning on equity| Net income/Total Equity| 12-15. 3%| | Current Proportion | Total Current Assets/ Total Current Liabilities| 1 ) 362092794| Generating power ratio| Earnings prior to interest and taxes /Total assets| on the lookout for. 18%| | Times attained interest| Earnings before fascination and taxes/Interest...