Love Can be Greater Than Hate (Tale of Two Cities)

 Love Can be Greater Than Hate Tale of Two Cities Research Paper

Love > Hate

In Charles Dickens' novel, A Tale of Two Cities, he illustrates the constant battle among love and hate. This battle is definitely never-ending, however in the novel, I believe that love gained, and that love is more than hate. Appreciate is viewed as love for family and friends, when hate is definitely displayed while hate for the nobles and payback. Lucie, a young girl who also never achieved her father, grows right into a strong woman and her love on her behalf family is obvious. Her love even preserved her father from his despair. Miss Pross features love for Lucie, passionately called Ladybird, and cares for her and her daughter, little Lucie, with her life. Nevertheless , there is also hate. Madame Defarge hates the aristocrats, mostly the EvrГ©mondes, and will head to any length to see these people suffer. Sydney Carton cannot stand everyone and hates existence in general. May love overpower these thoughts; will love confirm it is higher? In Dickens' novel, it did.

Lucie enjoys her daddy, from the day they 1st meet, it really is obvious, and the sentiment can be soon shared by her father. After living a lifetime of hatred and despair for 18 years, Lucie provides Doctor Manette love. The first peek we see of this love which will save Doctor Manette by himself is definitely when Dickens writes, " His cool white hair mingled with her bright hair, which will warmed and lighted that as though that were the light of Freedom shining on him. ” (Dickens, pg. 50). Following being with his daughter for awhile, her love liberated him via his sufferings and helped bring him to the man he used to be. The love that Lucie was able to give him, gave him the skills he needed to overcome the hatred that held him prisoner inside the Bastille to get so long. But even then, there were occasions when he relapsed into his old behaviors from penitentiary. However , Lucie was the one that could provide him back from that despair and hatred with her love. Because Miss Pross remarks, " In silence they go walking along together, going for walks up and down together, until her love and company have got brought him...