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Littlefield Labs one particular

Capacity Managing at Littlefield Labs

I. Introduction

There are 3 channels in the game known as sample planning, testing, and centrifuging, during your time on st. kitts are some steps to procedure the jobs. Prior to game began, we tried to familiarize with all the process of the laboratories and calculating the expense (both fixed and adjustable costs) based upon the information for the sheet offered. We did not intend to purchase any machines too early, as we wanted to see the demand changing and the trend first. Thus, at the beginning, we all did not consider any actions till Day time 62.

II. Summary of actions

| Actions | Reasons | What must have been performed

sixty two | Purchase Machine you | The revenue fallen and the utilizations of Machine 1 had been constantly 1 or around 1 within the previous a few days. | We should have bought both Equipment 1 and 3 based on our computation on the utilization rate (looking at the earlier 50 days data) during the first 7 days. Thus should have bought previously, probably around day 52 when usage rate struck 1 .

66 | Buy Machine 3 | Both Machine 1 and 3 come to the bottleneck rate as the utilizations at day time 62 to day 66 were about 1 . Furthermore, we also saw the demand spiked up. | Should have bought earlier, likely around time 55 if the utilization visitors 1 plus the queue spiked up to your five

98 | Purchase Machine 1 | The utilization of Equipment 1 on day 88 to day time 90 was around 1 . | Really should have bought it before, perhaps around day 80

133 | Acquire Machine several | All of us bought Machine 3 taking into consideration the reduction in revenue and sudden spike in line number in step 3. In the beginning we were reluctant to buy that earlier seeing that we thought we are not able to recoup the fixed cost | Really should have bought previous, probably about day 75 when utilization reached you

| Change prioritization of Machine 2 to Step 2 | After buying machine several, we thought that step 3 would be much faster than step 1, thus the next step (step 4) have enough money to wait. |

| Change the prioritization of Machine 2 to...