Key Principles of Looking at

 Key Ideas of Looking at Essay

п»їReviewing Key Concepts Chapter 7

1 ) What are solutions?

1 . Answer: A resource is usually anything a person can use to support

Reach her or his goals.

2 . What solutions do you have that will help you choose a satisfying profession? 2 . Response: Your resources include your persona,

Self-concept, pursuits, attitude, ordonnance, abilities, and Values. Each of these can affect position choice you make. 3. Brand a career and п¬Ѓve personality traits that would help a person succeed in this. 3. Solution: Wedding Adviser, (1. Interacting (2. FUNDS MANAGEMENT (3. REMAINING QUIET (4. AWARENESS OF DETAIL (5. CREATIVITY (6. ORGANIZATION

4. Explain how you can develop a complete and healthy self-concept. 4. Solution: by certainly not showing fear and just publish your maximum strength. a few. Why should you consider your passions when searching for a profession? 5. Solution: Because if you don't like your task you may not do so well onto it, you may not set your maximum into your work. 6. Precisely what are the three fundamental areas of job interests?

6th. Answer: People, Data, and Objects.

six. How can your attitude influence your career?

several. Because if you don't have a positive attitude you can get in trouble to get always becoming negative. almost eight. List three ways people discover their ordonnance.

8. Answer: Your friends, family, teachers, and employers may all help you Discover your situation.

9. What is the difference between aptitudes and abilities?

on the lookout for. Skills you must develop happen to be your capabilities. Sometimes

Skills are situation that you have created and improved. For instance, an aptitude pertaining to quick, coordinated movements

Could be developed into the cabability to type quickly and

Accurately or enjoy the keyboard well.

15. Which in the following claims is not the case?

A. Family members, friends, community, life encounters, and faith based beliefs influence values. M. Each individual includes a unique pair of values.

C. An individual's operate values often be very different from his or her personal values. D. Equally personal and work...