Keeping It Old School

 Keeping That Old School Composition

Jennifer Shamas

English 101

Julie Gamberg

17 April 2013

Keeping it Old School

Learn a lesson, do the groundwork, memorize the reality, and require a test. That's what pupils have become familiar with in most education systems. Alfie Kohn discusses this method of education in his book " Feel-Bad Education”. He features the idea of modern education a new way of teaching. The brand new method of educating brings up queries. Can educators make pupils want to learn? Does progressive education prepare you for the future better than old school ways? Do age and competition be involved in the rate in which a scholar learns? Will need to technology be involved in the classroom? Yet , the " Old School” way issues students by teaching them to be self-employed without an educator's complete assistance by possessing their hands the entire approach.

Katie Gimbar in her YouTube video video " The way i Flipped My own Classroom” displays watchers the usage of Kohn's intensifying education movement to her class, and how that created even more " questioned and involved students” in her course by supporting each standard of learning scholar get the appropriate help they will needed inside the class. My feelings regarding this issue are mixed. I actually do support the concept of new and innovated ways of thinking, nevertheless this point looks out to the sluggish students. When a student does not want to learn or apply himself the method of education only gives the college student a more attainable channel to the easy A by babysitting them. Keeping it traditional makes it a reasonable playing earth for all pupils, where the scholar willing to do the work and challenge themselves deserves having the good level. Progressive education helps learners out now but affects many in the long run because it makes them less self satisfactory.

One of many points Kohn makes in his YouTube clip is classrooms segregated by age group and how college students shouldn't generally be arranged by age group. Gimbar goes on to explain just how splitting up her learners in differentiated teams,...

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