Interior Control

 Internal Control Essay

" No matter how advanced a system of internal control is, the success of the claims ultimately needs that you place your trust in certain important personnel"


Within virtually any organisation if you are a00 of trust has customarily been placed in management and key staff. This has triggered some quite public failures in business governance and internal handles В– Enron, WorldCom, HIH insurance etcВ… A lack of effective personnel controls can lead to a variety of organisation complications such as scam, theft, extreme costs and poor managing decisions. The solution therefore can be not to trust the key personnel but rather to trust the regulates. This in turn signifies that organisations need to develop improved more В‘water-tight' control procedures and ideas. Truly powerful internal settings establish a construction whereby only honest, trustworthy, competent, qualified employees are hired and business goals are continually met or perhaps surpassed. Sophisticated controls manage to eliminate the need to place large levels of trust in key employees but it cannot be a circumstance of develop the control and trust it withought a shadow of doubt with no analysis or realignment. These new controls strategies need more than just development, they must be treated as living objects continuously reviewed, watched, assessed and redeveloped in order to move with society and technology setting up a business environment where the trust is within the controls, not the people. 1 . 0Personnel Regulates

In minimizing or removing the need to intensely trust key personnel and in turn trust the interior controls, this control which needs to be addressed is usually personnel control, more commonly known as В‘Human Resource Management'. It really is this control in itself which needs to be one of the most sophisticated of most particularly in the accounting or information devices environment. How come in particular in these environments? For the reason that of the level of access connected with these...