Financial Policy for Point Shoes or boots

 Financial Arrange for Point Footwear Essay

Part I


A nice salute to folks who do this business plan conceivable. To Goodness Almighty, who have created all of us and made us go additional beyond most trials and circumstances. To our parents who have continuously give us with remarkable support needed for this conventional paper.

Our deepest appreciation to our dear panelists, Mr. Christopher Cahayo (CPA) and Ms. Ivy Demain (Marketing Main Graduate), for being part of this kind of project. The inputs are most definitely very helpful intended for the success of this project.

To our dear mentor, Dr . Willy Gapasin whom gives all of us initiation of putting up every learning, our motivator just for this paper; an excellent mentor who also helped all of us through his promising guidance, guidance and advices.

Finally to the other school mates who shared their thoughts and tips in order that this kind of paper could be realized. For the faculty of JRU Catalogue and to all those group to whom we failed to mention, several thanks to everybody

Chapter 2



The Fashion Bag industry has come to the peaks of popularity during the last few years. So much so that it offers turned out to be a multi million peso market and is right now recognized as a complete fledged subset of fashion exactly like clothing and shoes.

LETRAS COLLEZIONE may be the conceptualized brand of the business. It caters working women ages twenty four to forty-four years old residing in Quezon Town. With its design and quality, our item will surely give a satisfaction atlanta divorce attorneys woman's need.

MUSA SERIE is a fresh brand of handbag collections which will elevate fashionable of local bags. Through the typical native bags created from Sasa (Palm Tree Leaves) and Jute, Musa Collezione offers new items made from Clown trunk and stem.

The business was derived from the Scientific Name of Clown, " Musa Acuminata”.

Section III


Musa Serie will focus on providing impressive products composed of banana trunk area and control. Our company offers fashionable handbag collections with elegant design that every girl will love. Notion of the business requires creating new high fashion product line in affordable prices for women that will boosts their assurance, self-esteem and sense of style and style. We value every woman that is why we provide product that every woman will certainly love.

The business will concentrate on every woman who loves fashion and style. Every woman wants to be the foremost and in range with that preference, each merchandise collection that Musa provides will have limited numbers simply to maintain its uniqueness and to find the satisfaction of each costumer.

Letras Collezione will certainly primarily target all the girls ages by 20 – 44 years of age in Quezon City whom are looking for:

• Unique however affordable woman's bags;

• High quality and high fashion products; and

• Something totally new in the market


To provide top quality, high vogue, unique, and world class products for every woman to satisfy the requirements in terms of trend and style.


To elevate the method trend in the country with our elegant and ground breaking native bag products and to establish a term in the world of fashion inside and outside the pacific cycles.

To become rewarding within the initially five years in the market.


The ability to give innovative items is the emphasis of our organization.

Our take pleasure in for style and how all of us value all women give us the encouragement and inspiration to create and offer high quality products to fulfill our costumers.

Our appreciate and faithfulness in our nation give us the idea to use our natural methods as our main materials in creating our goods.

Our experience and knowledge help us to improve and make new product away of elements some people thought has no use and change it into high fashionable items.

Our company will not only provide innovative goods to...