Case Study Harley davidson Davidson

 Case Study Harley davidson Davidson Article

Case Study: Harley-Davidson

1 . What do you think are definitely the company's (Harley-Davidson) major strengths and weaknesses? Strengths:

* Good brand name

2. Strong client loyalty

* Operates in 2 sectors, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and related products, and Harley-Davidson Finance * The HOG ( Harley Owners Group) containing over 1 million members worldwide and is also the industry's largest business sponsored motor bike enthusiasts businesses * The only American manufacturer manufacture of heavyweight motorbikes Weaknesses:

5. High rates

* Harley-Davidson provides problems in gaining more market share in certain European countries * The ‘bad-boy' image that is certainly generally linked to motorcycles 2. The dangers along with riding a Harley-Davidson

2 . What are several of the opportunities and threats facing Harley? Options:

* Advertising their products even more competitive, particularly in the European market * Female and young adults are becoming even more inclined to ride a motorbike 5. Motorcycles will be cheaper than cars, therefore in parts where the economic climate is low, there is huge opportunities to get sales 5. Growing leisure interest in motorcycles worldwide.


* Developing competition via small businesses with cut costs * Some competition have larger economic and promoting resources 5. Environmental regulations are much stricter than what that they used to end up being * Union strikes might lead to a loss in production

three or more. Does Harley have a and very well stated quest? Please describe why or why not. Yes, the mission statement that Harley-Davidson features is short and fairly sweet, very informative and to the purpose. They offer a separate opportunity to customers worldwide. some. In terms of the generic competitive strategies model, which approach does Harley appear to be pursuing? Explain so why. I feel that Harley davidson is pursuing the differentiation technique. Harley offers a product of big value more superior to your competitors....