Water Top quality of the Ottawa River

 Water Top quality of the Ottawa River Article



The purpose of the research was to identify the quality of the Ottawa Water and discovering any human being activities that may affect normal water quality simply by sampling for benthic invertebrates, measuring the water temperature, screening for ph level, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, evaluating the smell, colour, and look of the drinking water, the amount of solide, shrubs, woods, and regarded uses from the waterway.


Various human being activities that may affect normal water quality contain municipal wastewater, urban stormwater, industrial wastewater, dams, cultivation, and wetland destruction. Even so environmental teams such as the Ottawa River Keepers have been created to protect, enhance and increase the health and future of the Ottawa River.

Position and Map:

Site one particular located downstream was Petrie Island. Web page 2 located upstream was Westboro Beach front.

Chemical Attributes:

Petrie Tropical isle had a water temperature of 8° C, mixed oxygen standard of 8 ppm, pH standard of 7, and turbidity degree of 27cm. Westboro beach had a water temperature of 11° C, dissolved air level of being unfaithful ppm, ph level level of 7. 5, and turbidity amount of 50 centimeter. Higher temperature of the water means even more movement and even more life, reduced water temperatures mean significantly less movement and fewer life. Mixed oxygen is a basic requirement of a healthy aquatic ecosystem. It is measured in parts per mil, the higher the larger the CARRY OUT concentration the better. The majority of fish species cannot endure in PERFORM concentrations less than 4ppm. ph level is symbolized on a scale from zero to 18 with 7 being simple, natural waters usually have a pH among 6 and 9. pH levels below 6 will be acidic and pH amounts above almost eight are fundamental. Many biological processes cannot function in acidic oceans such as duplication, basic water can also damage fish by denaturing mobile membranes. Turbidity is the way of measuring cloudiness, the low the turbidity the cloudier the water. Low turbidity could be caused by dirt erosion and urban runoff. Turbidity is definitely not a key concern, low turbidity supplies a medium to get growth and indicate the presence of microbes.

Benthic Invertebrates:

Benthic invertebrates will be small creatures without a central source that live in water. Certain benthic invertebrates are used because indicators of water top quality because they respond in different ways to the physical, chemical, and biological condition within a body system of drinking water. They are relatively immobile so they cannot escape exposure to air pollution.

Hypothesis and Null Hypothesis:

We hypothesize that site 1 Petrie Island is often more polluted than site you Westboro Seashore. We null hypothesize that Westboro Seaside will be more infected than Petrie Island. We all expect the Ottawa Riv to be method polluted with the vast scale the riv and the volume of people who live near, it will have many contaminants. However there are many GOs and NGOs observing out for and taking care of the Ottawa Water. We expect Petrie Island to be unsanitary than Westboro Beach since it is downstream, where all the waste, raw manure, and chemicals will be rinsed.



White sport bike helmet

Large very clear container

Tiny clear pot




Ice cube dish

Petri dish

pH evaluation

Turbidity tube


Mixed oxygen evaluation


Punch nets

Deb nets



White-colored Sheets

Green bins


1 . Thermometers had been set out to measure air temp and water temperature. Waited in least a couple of minutes before examining.

2 . Turbidity tube and chemistry groupings got water samples prior to Net Employees entered water - Following tests had been done, washed and crammed up packages

- Joined them the sampling

3. D-Net and Stop Net providers entered drinking water and accumulated material TO GET 10 MINUTES (didn't scoop up mud, rather stirred it up and swept net through water. Was careful to not rip D Nets on twigs! )

4. About shore:

- Blue receptacles were packed half-way with water in preparation of net-collected materials. - Light sheets were spread out to get groups to work on