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Superior brands may possibly have commenced stalking mass consumers, but the trend branded ‘massluxe' (or ‘masstige', have your pick) is more about chain retailers smartening up. Gap, for example, went a single step further than H& Meters by naming Domenico Para Sole, the former chief executive of Gucci group, to its board, and hiring designers who had previously worked with Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. To underline the transform, a following print marketing campaign starred Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker, a method icon intended for millions of females. Gap is within better condition right now than it has been for many years. Back in 2002, the company was limping as customers turned their backside on a brand that seemed bland and baggy up coming to trendy newbies from The country and Scandinavia. The turn-around has been related to Paul Pressler, who took over as chief executive in 2002. The former Disney theme-park executive stopped expansion, shut underperforming retailers, and strove to give new meaning to the chain's brand personality – along with that of its sis brands Aged Navy and Banana Republic. Although Distance still has a few work to complete, it surfaced from the revamp looking younger, sharper and more fashionable, and is about to start expanding again. Even Laura Ashley is at on the work, having hired Alistair Blair – whom previously countless Lagerfeld, Givenchy and Dior – as its design overseer. ‘I went into the shop, saw the cut and quality with the clothes and thought, " This is and so un-high streets. I cannot imagine how good these types of clothes are, ”' marvelled Mary Rolls, a ‘fortysomething former Vogue staffer', in The Foreign Herald Tribune. The article cited Rolls while saying that the clothes had ‘the same ethos while, dare I say it, Burberry scarves, but at a cheaper price'. (‘Massluxe, the buzz on excessive street', 23 September 2004. ) In a variation within the theme, by around the same time that H& M was keeping track of the press clippings from its Lagerfeld percussion, French The moment Haute Couture Meets High Street

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