doze Angry Men 6

 12 Angry Men 6th Essay

HRMG200 – Northeastern University

Week Two Task Two – 12 Irritated Men

• Why is the architect a lot more effective at affecting the group members compared to the stockbroker?

Individuality versus collectivism from the Hofstede's survey done in the 70 helps deliver some light of what happened in the 12 angry males movie. Even though the survey was done to figure out different ethnicities among the 116, 000 APPLE employees in 40 countries, it could be modified to a situation of the deliberation by the jurors in this video. The definition offered by Hofstede can be individualism is the degree where people within a country want to act as individuals rather than since members of groups. Collectivism is the equivalent of low individualism.

The first aspect of this is juror 8 rejected to be involved in the collectivism with the rest of the jurors. Although juror 8 would not have any kind of facts at the time to support his rational, this individual wanted the oppurtunity to talk about the whole situation of the tough that took place afterall the choice he was planning to make will either phrase the 18 year old accused to pass away by electric shock or totally free. There was zero inbetween, with that in mind he pressed to stimulate dialogue regarding the events on the night of the murder. Consequently the foreman induced the brainstorming conditions, where everyone gets to be able to speak to give the reason why they will voted guilty on the 1st vote. There seems to be a lot of little question being developed here that allowed the discussions to continue.

It is interesting to note that during the idea session, the perception collection by the prosecution had motivated 11 jurors. The 14 jurors construed the circumstance painted by the prosecutor as reality and therefore their deicison. Juror almost 8 did not obtain influenced because of it and hence had questions that he thought the defense did not do a thorough enough job investigating the case and arguing the truth in court. By arguing that that we now have other choices to the cases argued by...