Don Giovanni: the Personas and Their Music

 Don Giovanni: the Personas and Their Music Essay

Wear Giovanni: The Characters and Their Music

Offering Character's personality is one of the the majority of interesting challenges in operatic composition; an additional is producing for all the particular characters. A composer must distinguish between characters through his music. By can't sound like Fran, and Dan can't sound like Lewis. Each figure must have his/her own characteristics. Mozart's internet explorer, Don Giovanni, provides all of us with many diverse characters to compare and contrast. 1 scene particularly lends itself to the comparison of Wear Giovanni, Leporello, and The Commendator. Scene twelve to fifteen of Action two, areas all three personas in close interaction together, making it easy to compare and find out how Mozart and his Librettist Lorenzo weil Ponte brought them all to life. The libretto provides the main character qualities of Put on Giovanni, Leporello, and The Commendator. It gives an easy way of specific between the characters. Don Giovanni is pictured as being intelligent, charming, and brave, yet selfish, arrogant, womanizing, and pompous. We see all of these attributes in the final dinner picture. These other traits build a love hate marriage between Put on Giovanni and the viewers. Leporello on the other hand, is usually wimpy, subservient, nervous, and a bit stupid. He is usually the butt of Don Giovanni's jokes, and is also always getting bossed around. He can always be thought of as the comic alleviation of the ie. In the meal scene we get a definite a sense of Leporello as being a wimpy idiot. After being slain by Don Giovanni, the Commendator returns as being a statue. He is portrayed being mighty, effective, and threatening. He attempts to make Wear Giovanni repent for all the bad things this individual did. In the dinner scene he is the powerful being from past. His electrical power is proven when he delivers Don Giovanni down to heck. The above character descriptions will be what Lorenzo da Ponte set up pertaining to Mozart to compose his music to. We now can observe how Mozart used audio devices to give each...