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ENG110-5-Expository Writing

Classification Essay

September 3, 2013

Dr . Mary Muchiri

Coexisting in a A single Sided World

Culture surprise. Defined simply by Webster's dictionary as the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly exposed to an unfamiliar tradition, way of life, or perhaps set of behaviour. Though not necessarily pleasant, experiencing culture shock opens the eyes of people who encounter it. I understand it exposed mine. When i had traveled outside of my personal country many times before, my moving here for school required me personally to change most of my ways and mind sets. To start with I opposed change and was solved to have everyone adapt to me personally rather than myself to these people. I quickly learned that is usually not the right way to view points.

Upon arriving at I decided that I would continue kissing someones cheeks when greeting these people and discovered that they would eventually start off doing so as well. I was incorrect. As they say, the moment in Ancient rome, do because the Aventure do. My personal unwillingness to yield for this foreign traditions led to a large number of awkward kisses, judging destin, and weird looks. Though I did feel weird after countless failed " kissing” attempts, my own failures educated me that whenever in a international country, improving mannerisms and habits is essential in order to adapt and function well in that world.

Though preventing from kissing people's face is certainly not the only broadly shocking habit I've had to beat, it can be definitely one with the strongest. And even though I toiled away my personal habits, I thought of how disappointed I got once foreigners reached my region, and we acquire many foreign people every day, and they resisted the west, from dances and folk traditions to food and apparel. Their unwillingness to open their minds and learn not because our ways vary they are wrong, always bewildered me. This didn't seem sensible to me for what reason a person would go into a foreign nation and be stunned by the international ways of the. Now that My spouse and i am in that position I understand.

The reason why there may be...