Decadence in Nigeria

 Decadence in Nigeria Essay


It is of no doubt that moral decadence has totally replaced primary moral values in present times. This kind of ravaging sensation is the reason behind some of the significant problems Nigeria is facing as a Land.

A society where the youths usually do not think of how tomorrow would be better than today or the right way to invent new things to handle processes associated with our daily actions rather centering on how to improve themselves by any means and managing enormous wealth at a young age. Various youths more recently are overflow in numerous ways of gathering riches and experiencing the good issues of lifestyle tagging that " hustling". when you ask a typical youth what he will, he replies " I actually am a hustler", you start to question on what style of job could it be that doesn't have a name. It is rampant and prevalent and thus has reduced the present youth adults to mediocrity.

Recently, a junior corps member was asked as regards the brand new increment in youth corps members' allowances, what will this individual use the money realized after NYSC to get? He said he will have a car. It can be nothing but an example to show the degree of aberration presently going on inside our society, total loss of target, no entrepreneurship skills, no future strategies, no thoughts about accomplishments, no more self-discovery, and decency is no even more celebrated.

In the world today, shame and shamelessness are compensated with encomiums and emphasized recognition, Unclothedness is now straight proportional on your fame and acceptance, skimpy dresses are now tickets to classy events, songs that contain intimate speaks in all of them sell more quickly than the important ones, as soon as your trousers is around your waist then you are seen as a " learner", big girls are actually identified by simply level of publicity of their personal parts. Your world Faith and the organizations have failed in eradicating this hazardous way of life. What is the hope? Would the society always condone this kind of act? Where will this kind of lead all of us to? Is how the great men on this...