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Daniel Dobbins Distillery, Inc

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Different Cost that could be included in Dobbins's Inventory

It is often argued that costs incurred by business can be included as part of Developing costs. This is certainly debatable question but usually in a developing company we have a manufacturing price and period cost in which only developing cost is inventoriable. Anything that is definitely not crucial part of final product is regarded period price and it is managing decision (but rational decision) based on the organization and the type in which system is sold, to select the criterion.

Therefore basis for any decision is to first discover all cost and the determine criterion intended for product cost and in turn we have to decide by what point in manufacturing process we say that final item has been manufactured

Daniel Dobbins Distillery, Inc Business Background

Company is in business of manufacturing tequila, so there exists aging process linked after manufacturing before merchandise could be sent out and offered. Aging process requires at least 4 years, so it could be argued that cost connected with aging process can be integral component to product thus manufacturing price, instead of period cost. Although currently business is not considering ageing cost within manufacturing cost, and has been showing constant sales and profits.

Due to markets predictions of elevated sale in future years, company has made a decision to increase creation from 43000 (in 1987) to 63000 (in 1988) barrels. Hence this leads to loss in Income affirmation as per current practice of costing. Although company want to apply for loan, and bank will not perspective loss favorably nor will other stakeholders. So let's consider various cost accounting alternatives which can help all of us as basis for choosing most practical way for setting up financial claims

As per Cash flow Statement (Exhibit 2) diverse costs " charged to Cost of Merchandise Sold” that can be identified are

1 . Barrel costs

2 . Occupancy costs

3. Warehouse costs

4. Labor costs

5. Downgrading costs

6th. Government Guidance costs

six. Bottling alcohol costs

To sum up costs every barrel expense of $63 are large when compared to average cost of $52. some for rum production to inventory.

Discussing now consider following three or more options intended for cost accounting and there impact in Income Assertion.

Option one particular – Salary Statement and Balance Sheet transform when simply Barrel costs charged to Inventory

[All figures are in ‘000s]

Cost of Barrels (1988 & 1987) sama dengan $63 as well as Barrel

Avg. Cost of Rum produced to inventory (1988 & 1987) = $52. 4 as well as 50 gallon Barrel

Cost of barrel in inventory = No . of Barrels Created * No . Of Years (Inventory) 5. Cost of Barrel or clip

Opening expense of barrel in inventory = 43000 2. 4 5. 63 = $10836 Shutting cost of barrel or clip in products on hand = (43000 * 3 * 63) + (63000 * 3 * 63) = $12096

Difference in barrel expense = Final cost – Opening cost = $12096 - $10836 = $1260

Total cost of goods sold [as per salary statement, 1988] = $39712

Total cost of items sold [if recharging cost of clip or barrel to inventory] sama dengan $39712 - $1260 sama dengan $38452

Net Profit (Loss) [as per profits statement, 1988] = -$814

Net Profit (Loss) [if charging cost of barrel to inventory] = -$814 - $1260 = $446

Bulk whiskey Inventory [as every balance sheet, 1988] = $10061

Large whiskey Inventory [if charging cost of barrel to inventory] = $10061 + $12096 = $22157

Bottled and cased rum Inventory [as every balance sheet, 1988] = $3938 (175000 gallons @ $22. five per gallon)

Equivalent No . of barrels = 175000/35 = 5000 barrels

Cost of barrels = 5000 * 63 sama dengan $315

Bottled and cased whiskey Products on hand [if charging expense of barrel to inventory] = $3938 + $135 = $ 4253

Total current Property [if charging cost of barrel to inventory] = $19744 + $12096 + $315 = dollar 32155

Total Assets [if asking cost of barrel or clip to inventory] sama dengan $22532 & $12096 + $315 = $34943

Maintained Earnings [if charging cost of...