Substance Periodicity

 Essay about Chemical Periodicity

Substance Periodicity

Gorospe, Jheremy Alden B.

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The experiment Chemical Periodicity was demonstrated by using different samples of Group IA, Group IIA and Group IVA elements. We located each of the examples in each test pontoons and the physical state, color, and appearance was identified. All of us determined the solubility from the elements by making use of distilled water. We utilized red and blue litmus paper for the Group IIA Steel Oxides. But for the Group IA and Group IIA elements and Group IVA elements, we all didn't use litmus conventional paper. Then, we all wrote a well-balanced equation to show the reaction among Metal Oxides and normal water. __________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION

Chemical periodicity is defined as the similarities of chemical elements that are near each other inВ the periodic stand. When elements areВ arranged inВ order of increasing atomic number, В their physical andВ chemicalВ properties recurВ periodically. В ThisВ periodicityВ stemsВ fromВ theВ valenceВ electronic configurations of the elements. This arrangement of elements in the order of increasing atomic quantity with theВ elements having similar properties put inВ vertical content isВ knownВ as regular table. ____________________________________________________________________________________


To get Group IA and IIA Elements

Create a small amount of every sample of Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Barium in several test pipes. Identify the physical condition, color and appearance of each. Check the solubility in 10mL of drinking water. For Group IVA Components

Place a tiny amount of each sample of C, Sn, Si and Pb in different check tubes. Discover the physical state, color and appearance of each and every element. Intended for Group IIA Metal Oxides

Place a tiny amount of MgO and CaO in several test tubes. Add 10mL water with each sample and test every sample with litmus newspaper. Write...

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