Career Law Compensation Plan

 Essay regarding Employment Regulation Compensation Program


To: Traci Goldeman

From: Edwina Wilson

Date: 6/11/14

SUBJECT: Employment Legislation Compliance Program (Landslide Limousines) In response to your request to have an employment regulation compliance plan for our customer, Bradley Stonefiled who plans on starting a limousine support called Landslide Limousine, I possess developed a work plan which covers both Federal and state employment laws. Being in compliance with the Texas express employment laws and regulations, as well as Federal employment regulations will considerably help out customer in avoiding and penalties. The employment program is based on The state of texas employment laws, which is wherever our customer's base of operations will probably be. The employment plan will even include Government employment laws and regulations which are relevant to our customer's needs in assisting him start off his limousine service. I have also included the consequences for not staying compliant with State and Federal work laws. Texas Employment Laws

Arizona is a right-to-work State. Therefore a person cannot be refused employment even though they are and/or not a part of a labor union or perhaps other labor organization. The Texas Labor Code has five headings: General Conditions, Protection of Laborers, Employer-Employee Relations, Work Services and Unemployment, and Workers' Payment (Texas Figurine, 2013). The Texas Labor Code covers all aspects of employment. Subject II (Protection of Labors) covers salary and elegance. Being noncompliant can result in a civil action being brought by automobile, which can cause a monetary prize that is dependant on the process of law (Texas Statue, Chapter1). Title IV (Employment Services & Unemployment) addresses unemployment rewards and insurance which our client will be responsible. Declining to make lack of employment contribution can result in a class " A" misdemeanor (Texas Figurine, Chapter2). Name V (Workers' Compensation) addresses workers' reimbursement insurance coverage, workers' health and protection, and workers' compensation benefits. The...