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 Bohr Theory Essay

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Niels Bohr applies quantum theory Rutherford's Atomic Composition by let's assume that electrons travelling in stationary orbits defined by their slanted momentum. This led to the calculation of possible levels of energy for these orbits and the postulation that the emission of light occurs when an electron moves right into a lower energy orbit.

Atomic SpectrumВ

The Atomic Spectrum is a series of lines of color produced when light coming from an fired up atom can be passed through a prism. Also, it is known as a series spectrum.

Each factor has its own exceptional atomic range. Because of their exclusive nature, atomic spectra are also referred to as the " fingerprints of the factors. " The series of lines of color that an atom will create is related to the locations of the electrons upon that atom and their romance with the center. Atomic spectra were primary pieces of fresh information utilized by chemists in the development of the electronic constructions of atoms. By studying the colors provided by the several elements, it will be easy to operate backwards for the sources of those colors. This way it is possible to look for the electronic constructions of the factors. Most of the standard information known today regarding electronic set ups was derived from studying the sunshine emitted by atoms.


The process of exciting an atom, involves adding strength to the atom. This can be required for a variety of ways. Simply heating a sample of an element up in an open fire will inspire electrons. Completing electricity by using a sample of an element will excite bad particals. The coloured lights observed when skies rockets blow up are a reaction to burning nitroglycerine nitroc exciting electrons within atoms of components packed with the gun powdered. |

Continuous Range

A continuous spectrum will be a range that contains all colors of light. It is commonly referred to as a " rainbow" when placed on the obvious region of light. A single element does not create a continuous variety. A continuous range, or range, when seen in nature, is normally the result of the spectra of many elements superimposed on top of the other person. In addition , the spectrum made by sun light in a continuous variety.

Discontinuous range


A Discontinuous Range will appear as a " rainbow" with particular colors lacking. This type of spectrum is created by each component individually. The locations of the colors that are present and the gaps in color act as clues towards the arrangements of electrons around the atoms. This is also referred to as a " range spectrum", or if coming from a single component, an " atomic variety. " | Electromagnetic light


Electromagnetic Radiation, or perhaps EMR, is basically another name for light. It is strength that is released by a incurred object mainly because it vibrates within a magnetic discipline. As electrons vibrate along on an atom, they will generate EMR. EMR is defined by 3 variables--energy, wavelength and regularity. By learning the EMR produced by atoms it becomes likely to indirectly study the electronic constructions of atoms. | В

Electromagnetic the radiation spectrum

The Electromagnetic The radiation Spectrum, or EMR Range, is a total " rainbow" of all colours of light, both visible and non-visible. To a large level it is a theoretical spectrum, in that no true system is able of producing most colors of EMR. The EMR Spectrum is generally divided into 3...

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