Beauty and American Tradition

 Beauty and American Traditions Essay

Craig Carlson

English 124

MWF 10: 00

Beauty and American Culture

We are in a society that is saturated with a idea of physical elegance that splatters into the newspapers, magazines, TV, videos and in to our brains. From child years, we have noticed images of idealized men and women. We may encourage ourselves that they can be more attractive, in shape, and somehow better than our company is (" When”). Body weight, specifically, is one of the many twisted concerns of our time, with girls striving being as gaunt as the women seen in the news or on the bigscreen (F. Delebanco). We are regularly bombarded with a belief that, in order to be completely happy, we must always be attractive. In order to achieve an " attractive” figure various young girls seek out cosmetic plastic surgery or others, in their quest to become slim, end up experiencing eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia therapy. Some have problems with anti-social behaviours and devote suicide. Evidently, such focus on attractiveness only creates challenges. Many people are striving to appear to be the people in TV, films etc . Various people do not realize, however , that people are often proven false images of these people. In reality, a large number of people that come in magazines and TV have been completely manufactured. Software and cosmetic have typically made many men and girl appear more desirable in magazines and TV simply by hiding or enhancing particular features. Contemporary plastic surgery has allowed enhancement or perhaps reduction of specific features. It seems our society is usually stressing a great " eye-catching figure” that may be unnatural. Our society must realize almost all of what we seem like is

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under genetic control and than an " ideal” and " attractive” figure, as portrayed by the media, is oftentimes unobtainable and unnatural. At present many people do not accept their bodies. In their quest to become " attractive”, lots of men and women to suffer from eating disorders. Most people with eating disorders talk about certain personality traits: low self-pride,...

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