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Checklist to help you stop plagiarism in your work

Be sure to have:

1 ) 0 included a mention of the clearly show the regions of your work that are drawn from someone else's work. You need to clearly indicate which component to your work can be drawn from someplace else. Paraphrasing can be when you use what someone else says or written, but you publish it in your own words. In the event you paraphrase you need to include an in-text quotation so the visitor can locate the source.

Direct quotes are generally put in italics and should continually be put inside quotation marks. Longer estimates can be indented so that they stand apart from the main physique of the text. Each must be followed by an in-text citation.

2 . 0 provided a reference for each and every image, diagram or determine (unless you created it). Creation is definitely when you create something new. In the event you edit a preexisting item it will still should be referenced.

a few. 0 included a citation.

Make sure you understand what type of referring to protocol you are required to follow for your unit. •

For textual content based examination you will generally need to consist of in-text info and a reference list which gives the full details of the source materials.


To get visual based artifacts or perhaps portfolios you can usually ought to include a citation that gives the complete details of the sources that you referred to when creating your work, something that you have applied and altered must be listed.

4. zero used direct quotations moderately.

Carefully chosen quotations improve the points you are making, nevertheless they don't, in themselves, add to the quality of your job. Put one other way, if you submitted an essay made up totally of estimates from other resources you would probably gain a low or zero mark. It really is fine to occasionally offer other people, in fact it is expected which you do – but make sure you give your individual contribution or viewpoint. It really is your work that earns you marks.

your five. 0 held a copy with the original sources that you have utilized. Always keep your...