Essay upon Antigone

Bryce J Pointer

Teacher Wadhwani

Eng 102 ODC

20 November 2013

Oedipus Analysis

Antigone is a perform similar to Oedipus Rex in the dark develop, mythical designs, and tragic story. Yet , Sophocles' publishing seems sharper in this enjoy, and Antigone is much more character-driven with complex, well developed personas. Through Sophocles' brilliant characterization of people in war with themselves, Inner conflict emerges as the central theme of the play. The enjoy is all about conflict including the apparent themes like man's guidelines versus keen law, and pride compared to honor; in addition to the deeper subtext of each character's internal issues. Kreon for instance , is captured between his duty to the gods fantastic pride. His character has changed dramatically from your time of Oedipus to the situations of Antigone. He is continue to aware of the power of the abruti and the eyesight of Teiresias but he's corrupted by simply his electric power as king and blinded by his stubbornness and pride. Much like Oedipus, Kreon brings about tragedy and sorrow because of his very own arrogant mischief. He is reflectivity of the gold by the electrical power he under no circumstances wanted, and by the time he realizes this kind of, it is too late. In clear conflict with Kreon is usually his child Haimon. Like Antigone, Haimon is devoted to the gods more than the condition: Haimon: You have no right to trample about god's proper ( installment payments on your 3. 110). Haimon's loyalties are divided, however , mainly because his loyalty to the gods and to Antigone puts him at possibilities with his dad. While he could be similar to Antigone in terms of his opposition to Kreon's unjust rule, Haimon is less stubborn. Where Antigone is freely defiant, Haimon uses even more reason. His attempt to cause with Kreon is in part due to the fact that he feels a feeling of loyalty toward his father. This is the central conflict of Haimon's character-he wants to perform what is ethically right, nevertheless he really wants to obey his father: Haimon: I was your child, father. You are my personal guide. You make things obvious for me, and i also obey you (2. three or more. 10). The multi-layered,...