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 Annotated Bibliography 10 Dissertation

Annotated Bibliography

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ENG 215: Effective Academic Writing

Annotated Bibliography

Andriessen, J., Erken, G., Truck De Laak, C., Peters, N., Coirier, P., (n. d. ). Argumentation since negotiation in electronic collaborative writing. Gathered from This origin talks about collaborative writing in a situation in which pairs of students have to generate and argumentative text. This goes into different types of argumentations in collaborative producing. This resource with help determine whether an argument presents one's very own position. This source will also allow an improved look at what is causing or enables a team member to support a spat. Chisholm, R. M. (n. d. ). Coping with the issues of collaborative writing. Retrieved from This source addressed the interpersonal dynamics in the collaborative writing process. Specifically, it explained the four biggest issues with the collaborative method; resistance, inexperience, friction and fairness and answered these logical methods for resolution. This article painted an image of the realities of taking care of collaborative jobs in terms of both process and interpersonal discussion. The strength from this source is that it solved the relationship among collaboration and argument with out stating that specifically. The author is a educator who utilizes the collaborative process in the classroom and so has a large amount of encounter in understanding the dynamics of collaborative groups. Many estimates could be taken from this origin in support of the assigned matter.

David C., Benefits of the collaborative publishing process. Recovered from This resource addressed one of the most advantage of the collaborative producing process, and just how summed in the old expressing, " two heads are better than one. ”...

Bibliography: McKarney, L. (2011). Peer assessment techniques for newbies. Retrieved from

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This kind of source gives an overview of what collaborative writing is

Wilbers, S. (2001). Writing as a team requires great planning. Recovered from

This article reveals a clear, succinct collaboration of simple steps to develop readable material while participating with other folks