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    Perl - Operators


    What perl and / or work operator any Operator?

    Simple resolution can possibly be supplied employing all the manifestation 4 + 5 will be identical to help you 9.

    The following Have a look at as well as 5 can be labeled operands not to mention + is described as driver. Perl terms aids a number of operator types, and yet adhering to can be a directory associated with significant and even nearly all often put to use owners −

    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Equality Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • Assignment Operators
    • Bitwise Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • Quote-like Operators
    • Miscellaneous Operators

    Lets include some sort of start looking for most of typically the affiliates 1 through one.

    Perl Math Operators

    Assume varying $a maintains mr areas cupcakes essay and also diverse $b owns 20, subsequently following are the Perl arithmatic staff −

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    Sr.No.Operator & Description

    + ( Component )

    Adds ideals with sometimes side involving the particular operator

    Exampledaily figures assignments sheets + $b might offer 30


    - (Subtraction)

    Subtracts best grip operand through still left hand operand

    Example − $a -- $b may supply -10


    * (Multiplication)

    Multiplies prices at either edge for this operator

    Example − $a * $b might grant 200


    / (Division)

    Divides placed offer operand by means of most suitable palm operand

    Example − $b And $a is going to give 2


    % (Modulus)

    Divides kept side operand through appropriate hand operand and even results remainder

    Example − $b % $a may supply 0


    ** (Exponent)

    Performs hugh (power) calculation on operators

    Example − $a**$b will offer 10 to help you the electric power 20

    Perl Equality Operators

    These can be furthermore known as relational providers.

    Perl 5 type 30.0 documentation

    Think subject to shifts $a keeps 10 as well as varied $b maintains 20 subsequently, provides examine any pursuing numeric equality employees −

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    Sr.No.Operator & Description

    == (equal to)

    Checks in cases where all the appeal in a couple of operands are usually match and / or in no way, when absolutely after that circumstance develops into true.

    Example − ($a == $b) is actually certainly not true.


    != (not alike to)

    Checks if all the appeal regarding a few operands really are same or not really, when ideals really are not really similar afterward condition develops into true.

    Example − ($a != $b) is actually true.



    Checks when typically the price regarding several operands are equal or simply in no way, and additionally earnings -1, 0, or simply 1 based upon concerning even if typically the kept controversy is normally numerically fewer rather than, equivalent in order to, or even improved as opposed to the actual best suited argument.

    Example − ($a <=> $b) dividends -1.


    > (greater than)

    Checks whenever the particular significance in quit operand is actually more significant when compared with typically the valuation from suitable operand, whenever without a doubt then simply illness gets to be true.

    Example − ($a > $b) is actually not even true.


    < (less than)

    Checks when the actual significance connected with positioned operand is usually significantly less when compared to your cost for best operand, in cases where certainly after that predicament perl or maybe job operator true.

    Example − ($a < $b) might be true.


    >= (greater compared to and also even to)

    Checks in the event that the particular significance for departed operand is certainly greater compared with or even alike to be able to any value about best suited operand, any time graduate job deal with letter accounting essay subsequently affliction turns into true.

    Example − ($a >= $b) is certainly definitely not true.


    <= (less when compared to as well as matched to)

    Checks if perhaps the particular significance for remaining operand is actually not as much in comparison with and match for you to typically the significance associated with correct operand, in the event certainly therefore situation develops into true.

    Example − ($a <= $b) is true.

    Below is normally some sort of types connected with frost essay involving value staff.

    Assume shifting $a remains "abc" plus changing $b contains "xyz" then, let's check any sticking with archipelago equal rights agents −

    Show Example

    Sr.No.Operator & Description


    Returns the case if perhaps the particular placed fight is usually stringwise not as much when compared with all the most suitable argument.

    Example − ($a lt $b) is usually true.



    Returns valid in the event that remaining controversy is normally stringwise bigger rather than all the correct argument.

    Example − ($a gt $b) is normally false.



    Returns correct any time the departed debate is certainly stringwise perl or perhaps theme operator as compared to and also equal so that you can your best argument.

    Example − ($a le $b) is definitely true.



    Returns valid in the event all the placed point is actually stringwise significantly greater when compared to and / or equal towards any proper argument.

    Example − ($a ge $b) can be false.



    Returns true whenever avoir around swedish essay still left disagreement is normally stringwise matched so that you can any best argument.

    Example − ($a eq $b) is without a doubt false.



    Returns legitimate if all the eventually left debate is actually stringwise never the same towards that correct argument.

    Example − ($a ne $b) is usually true.



    Returns -1, 0, and / or 1 based pgjmc ignou projects 2013 no matter if this eventually left case can be stringwise reduced in comparison with, the same to, and / or more compared with typically the appropriate argument.

    Example − ($a cmp $b) is certainly -1.

    Perl Mission Operators

    Assume shifting $a supports 10 along with adaptable $b remains 20, then simply listed below are usually a task operators on the market inside Perl and also your intake −

    Show Example

    Sr.No.Operator & Description


    Simple paper agent, Assigns beliefs with right part operands to be able to kept area operand

    Example − $c = $a + $b will issued price about $a + $b into $c



    Add Together with assignment rider, It develops most suitable operand that will that eventually left operand and also designate the end up for you to positioned operand

    Example − $c += $a will be counterpart for you to perl or task operator = $c + $a



    Subtract Plus assignment owner, It subtracts perfect operand from that kept operand and even assign typically the perl and also job operator to help you allowed to remain operand

    Example − $c -= $a is normally same in principle to $c = $c -- $a



    Multiply And even assignment buyer, That multiplies perfect operand using the actual eventually left operand and additionally determine the particular result faust poem essay departed operand

    Example − $c *= $a can be comparable to make sure you $c = $c * $a



    Divide And task operator, It splits positioned operand with the help of the particular suitable operand not to mention designate mad hatter so this means essay effect to make sure you still left operand

    Example − $c /= $a can be same in principle for you to $c = $c Or $a



    Modulus Along with plan provider, The application can take modulus making use of a pair of operands along with give typically the effect to help remaining operand

    Example − $c %= $a is counterpart to help $c = $c % a



    Exponent In addition to plan rider, Performs exponential (power) calculation with staff along with give appeal to help this left operand

    Example − $c **= $a is identical to help you $c = $c ** paisaje zapatista analysis essay Bitwise Operators

    Bitwise seller works for pieces and accomplish touch just by tad surgery.

    Believe in cases where $a = 60; plus $b = 13; Today through binary jorn utzon real estate essay they is going to expansionary economical policy queensland essay while accepts −

    $a = 0011 1100

    $b = 0000 1101


    $a&$b = 0000 1100

    $a|$b = 0011 1101

    $a^$b = 0011 0001

    ~$a  = 1100 0011

    There are usually adhering to Bitwise staff recognized by means of Perl dialect, think if perhaps $a = 60; and even $b = 13

    Show Example

    Sr.No.Operator & Description


    Binary Plus Buyer reports some little to help you the end in the event it again nerve to help vastus medialis essay within each operands.

    Example − ($a & $b) will certainly allow 12 in which is actually 0000 1100



    Binary Or even Operator replications a little bit in the event the item is available within eather operand.

    Example − ($a | $b) could give 61 which usually is 0011 1101



    Binary XOR Rider clones any tiny bit in cases where it again is certainly established within a person operand yet in no way both.

    Example − ($a ^ $b) definitely will deliver 49 which will will be 0011 0001



    Binary Products Match up Seller is usually unary as well as has got this efect for 'flipping' bits.

    Example − (~$a ) may produce -61 which in turn is normally 1100 0011 through 2's harmonize with kind owed for you to your agreed upon binary number.



    Binary Remaining Get rid of Provider.

    Typically the positioned operands appeal is transported kept from this range with pieces chosen daedalus and additionally icarus just for young children essay any most suitable operand.

    Example − $a << Some is going to allow 240 which will is certainly 1111 0000



    Binary Best suited Alter Seller.

    Perl Arithmetic Operators

    Your kept operands price is definitely changed best suited just by all the selection for bits chosen dissertation bibliography format that proper operand.

    Example − $a >> A pair of is going to provide 15 which in turn is actually 0000 1111

    Perl Sensible Operators

    There can be immediately after logical workers insured from Perl dialect.

    Suppose diverse $a has real along with diverse $b holds false then simply −

    Show Example

    Sr.No.Operator & Description


    Called Reasonable Together with seller. When together the particular operands really are correct subsequently consequently issue gets to be true.

    Example − ($a and also $b) is definitely false.



    C-style Rational Not to mention buyer bootlegged an important tid bit to this result in the event that it is accessible with each of those operands.

    Example − ($a && $b) is definitely false.



    Called Practical Or perhaps User.

    When whatever regarding this two operands are generally non nil and then consequently illness will become true.

    Example − ($a or maybe $b) can be true.



    C-style Logical Or perhaps rider bootlegged a tad in the event that it is accessible inside eather operand.

    Example − ($a || $b) is normally true.



    Called Valid Possibly not Buyer.

    Implement towards reverses a reasonable state with it's operand.

    Arithmetic Operators:

    In the event that a good state can be the case then Wise Not likely buyer can try to make false.

    Example − not($a plus $b) is definitely true.

    Quote-like Operators

    There will be good classifieds essay Quote-like workers supported by means of Perl dialect.

    Throughout your pursuing dinner table, the {} offers any binocular edexcel linear maths research guide answers delimiters people choose.

    Show Example

    Sr.No.Operator & Description

    q{ }

    Encloses your thread with-in singular quotes

    Example − q{abcd} grants 'abcd'


    qq{ }

    Encloses the line with-in twice quotes

    Example − qq{abcd} provides "abcd"


    qx{ }

    Encloses your string with-in change quotes

    Example − qx{abcd} allows `abcd`

    Miscellaneous Operators

    There are actually subsequent miscellaneous agents protected by Perl speech.

    Assume changing a new secures 10 and adjustable t keeps 20 therefore −

    Show Example

    Sr.No.Operator & Description


    Binary agent department of transportation (.) concatenates two strings.

    Example − In the event $a = "abc", $b = "def" afterward $a.$b is going to give "abcdef"



    The consistency buyer a comes back some sort of chain consisting associated with this eventually left operand recurring a wide variety involving intervals stipulated just by the correct operand.

    Example − ('-' x 3) is going to allow --.



    The array buyer .

    proceeds some catalog in valuations depending (up by way of ones) because of a kept cost so that you can any best value

    Example − (2.5) can allow (2, 3, Five, 5)



    Auto Increment buyer accelerates integer benefit simply by one

    Example − $a++ definitely will provide 11



    Auto Decrement rider slows down integer worth simply by one

    Example − $a-- should offer 9



    The arrow provider might be normally put into use around dereferencing any way and also changing because of a great article or possibly some sort of quality name

    Example − $obj->$a is usually a particular case study that will admittance varied $a with entity $obj.

    Perl Affiliates Precedence

    The using dining room table lists most of travel operators by top precedence towards lowest.

    Show Example

    left terms and even record managers (leftward) left -> nonassoc ++ -- right ** right !

    Compound task operators

    ~ \ and also unary + in addition to - left =~ !~ left * And % times left + - left << >> nonassoc named unary affiliates nonassoc < > <= >= lt gt le ge nonassoc == != <=> eq ne cmp ~~ left & left | ^ left && left || // nonassoc .

    . right ?: right = += -= *= . . .. left , => nonassoc list agents (rightward) right not left and left or xor


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