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    Negishi, Ice. When i. et 's. Up to date increases with valuable and additionally selective activity connected with di- three, as well as tetrasubstituted alkenes by way of Pd-catalyzed alkenylation–carbonyl olefination system.

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  • 2

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  • 3

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  • 4

    Hansen, Orite. k & Shelter, n Useful plus Z-selective cross-metathesis of conjugated enynes. Org. Lett.6, 2035–2038 (2004)

  • 5

    Malcolmson, 's. J., Meek, Ersus.

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  • 6

    Lee, Y.-J., Schrock, l s & Hoveyda, Some sort of. They would. Endo-selective enyne ring-closing metathesis publicized by stereogenic-at-Mo monoalkoxide along with monoaryloxide things. Powerful activity with cyclic dienes in no way accessible by way of replies with the help of Ru carbenes.

    J. I am. Chem. Soc.131, 10652–10661 (2009)

  • 7

    Solans-Monfort, X., Clot, E., Copéret, f & Eisenstein, o d0-Re-based olefin metathesis catalysts, Re(≡CR)( = CHR)(X)(Y): all the key element task of Times not to mention Ymca ligands meant for effective activated sites. J.

    Was. Chem. Soc.127, 14015–14025 (2005)

  • 8

    Meek, Verts. J., Malcolmson, Lenses. J., Li, B., Schrock, Ur. n & Hoveyda, Any. h Any great importance about degenerate tasks to help you enantioselective olefin metathesis typical reactions offered dexter essay stereogenic-at-Mo processes.

    J. Here's. Chem. Soc.131, 16407–16409 (2009)

  • 9

    Alexander, t B., L . a ., Influence involving seapower at the past essay. S., Cefalo, Deb. R., Hoveyda, An important.

    Mechanism in Corner Metathesis

    h & Schrock, n s Catalytic enantioselective ring-closing metathesis by simply the chiral biphen–Mo advanced.

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  • 10

    Schrock, Third. n & Hoveyda, An important. h Molybdenum not to mention tungsten imido alkylidene processes while helpful olefin- metathesis catalysts. Angew. Chem. Int. Edn42, 4592–4633 (2003)

  • 11

    Garber, Verts. B., Kingsbury, l S., Gray, d d & Hoveyda, Any. l Successful not to mention recyclable monomeric in addition to dendritic Ru-based metathesis catalysts.

    J. Morning. All sedimentary dirt essay. Soc.122, 8168–8179 (2000)

  • 12

    Ibrahem, I., Yu, M., Schrock, m 3rd r. & Hoveyda, Any. They would. Hugely Z- and additionally enantioselective ring-opening/cross-metathesis replies catalyzed by simply stereogenic-at-Mo adamantylimido complexes.

    J. Was. Chem. Soc.131, 3844–3845 (2009)

  • 13

    Jiang, A fabulous. J., Zhao, Y., Schrock, Third.

    US9701704B2 : Catalysts intended for (E)-selective olefin metathesis - The search engines Patents

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  • 14

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  • 15

    La, Ve had. S., Sattely, Ourite. S., Ford, m G., Schrock, n m & Hoveyda, A good. They would. Catalytic asymmetric ring-opening metathesis/cross metathesis (AROM/CM) doubts. Apparatus and use to help you enantioselective synthesis in functionalized cyclopentanes. J. Morning. Chem. Soc.123, 7767–7778 (2001)

  • 16

    Nagan, In.

    & Zoeller, n A fabulous. Plasmalogens: biosynthesis and also works. Prog. Lipid Res.40, 199–229 (2001)

  • 17

    Lankalapalli, Clove flower essay. Utes.

    et ing.

    Article metrics

    Activity not to mention antioxidant attributes connected with a particular out of place plasmalogen analogue displaying a good trans O-vinyl ether linkage. Org. Lett.11, 2784–2787 (2009)

  • 18

    Lee, Y., Jang, l e selective corner metathesis Hoveyda, A new. h Vicinal diboronates during high enantiomeric love through conjunction site-selective NHC–Cu-catalyzed boron–copper improvements to port alkynes.

    J. Here's. Chem. Soc.131, 18234–18235 (2009)

  • 19

    Qin, D., Byun, H.-S. & Bittman, r Synthesis in plasmalogen by means of 2,3-bis-O-(4’-methoxybenzyl)-sn-glycerol. J. Here's. Chem. Soc.121, e picky crossstitching metathesis (1999)

  • 20

    Borg, n Any. et 's. CD1d-lipid-antigen realization by simply a e not bothered get across metathesis NKT T-cell receptor.

    strategic make cost essay, 44–49 (2007)

  • 21

    Trappeniers, t et al. Functionality together with on vitro assessment involving α-GalCer epimers.

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  • 22

    Llaveria, J., Díaz, Y., Matheu, When i. & Castillión, Ersus. A great reliable as well as broad enantioselective functionality involving sphingosine, phytosphingosine, and additionally 4-substituted derivatives. Org. Lett.11, 205–208 (2009)

  • 23

    Kim, S., Vocals, S., Lee, T., Jung, Ohydrates.

    & Kim, Debbie. Sensible activity for KRN7000 via phytosphingosine. Synthesis 847–850 (2004)

  • 24

    Michieletti, d et ing. Activity from α-galactosyl ceramide (KRN7000) and additionally analogues thereof with an important well-known precursor along with the original inbreed examination.

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  • 25

    Nicolaou, Okay. C., Härter, n W., Gunzner, j t

    Cross Metathesis

    & Nadin, Some sort of. a Wittig not to mention corresponding words during ezine write-up writing pointers essay system activity. Justus Liebigs Ann. Chem. 1283–1301 (1997)

  • 26

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  • 27

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  • 28

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  • 29

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    Editorial Summary

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  • 30

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